81 XS650 custom


Most of this bike was built as a high school shop project. I made a few modes after I got it. I put a lot of miles on it last summer and looking forward to the same this year.



Steve Bowskill


  1. El Gaucho says:

    I wish we did shop projects like that when I was in high school. That would actually make me want to go back to school……..maybe.

  2. Barney says:

    Coolest thing i built in shop was a gun cabinet. That exhaust is extreme, looks pretty cool. Can’t wait until mine is done, they look fun as hell.

  3. patrix says:

    The more I see what you men do with your machines…the more I love my bikes and my decision to stay with the XS 650. THIS is a sturdy,comfortable and fun looking ride! THANKS for posting.

  4. Piute says:

    I’m need to go back to school,old school,they gave me an broken lawn more to fix,ran when i was done, but didn’t look as sweet/bad ass as yers.get those miles in. thx

  5. fanoboss says:

    There is hope for future generations. LOL : )>

  6. sean from boston says:

    looks cool and comfortable How do you like the ride?

  7. steve says:

    The bike rides great. i was taking it to the city and back most of the summer for work but being a rigid and the motor not shock mounted i have to make a few more adjustments. Lots of stuff rattling loose and the tank fatigued on me at the rear mount. So I have started to ad rubber here and there to help with that. over all it’s a great bike that cruises nice at 100 – 110km per hour. The seat has a shock built in to it which really works very well. Bottoms out on the big bumps but you get use to the amount of relief it has and can see them coming most of the time. Thanks for the posts. Glad you guys were diggin my ride.


  8. Martijn Kok says:

    Hey,looks greate. Those front fork legs, are they VS700’s? 35mm?


  9. Piute says:

    We Dig . loctite,aircraft(stainless)peggs ajusted /placed right ,yo cool.NOW RIDE