1978 xs650 bobber from the uk.


This is 1978 xs 650 using the standard frame lowered 3″ with struts on the rear and an old harley fender,home made bars and seat pan, rebuilt motor,all the tabs and extra’s cut of the frame.

I wanted something reliable and quick to build, from standard bike to finished bobber took about three weeks including the paint.


The frame has had all the tabs and crap cut off, the forks have been shaved and polished, i have used a old harley fender on the back, made the bars out of 7/8″ tube.



The bike was standard when i got it, and took three weeks including doing the paint, to turn it into what you see her.

Ethan Wardle


  1. The Flying Imp says:

    Noice bike chap!!!!

  2. Sean from boston says:

    Nice bike!!! Couldn’t ask for anything better within 3 weeks, + with the struts you can always go back to shocks if you get bored of them and want a smoother ride

  3. Russ says:

    I really like this one! So simple & full of cool.

  4. The Tinslecat says:

    Is this the one on uk eBay at the moment?

  5. Barney says:

    I’m not really into the rear fender but i like the paint and the overall bike looks really clean. Great job in record time!

  6. English Bob says:

    Cooter…..I sincerely hope that you are man enough to apologise for your totally outrageous, unfounded and unwarranted comments about Ethan Wardle.

  7. Sean from boston says:

    Ya man could just be a something to break up the paint on the tank, there’s no swa stickers or anything like that I didn’t even think of it as that until you said it and still am thinking its just something to break up the paint. Again I like the bike great work for 3 weeks!

  8. cooter says:

    Hey Bob, Ya know I still cant find it in me to apologize! And to be honest really dont feel like I need to! I understand he wants to share pics of his bike and thats fine, but when someone puts something negative like that on their bike not everyone will see a positive in that! I dont think its something to just break up the paint, because if thats the case there is several other things a guy could do rather than SS bolts!….Or what really appears to be a set of bolts! I actually really dig the look of the bike and like what he did to it, but to me the tank ruins the whole build! I guess the only way we will ever know one way or the other is if Ethan himself steps up to the plate and says what he was going for on his tank!

  9. Ethan wardle says:

    I have just seen all the comments,in no way shape or form are they supposed to be ss bolts they are just lightning bolts didnt even enter my head that they resembled them, until reading cooters comments.there was meant to be three but i messed up on the masking.i did not want to cause upset or bad feeling i will redo the tank in a different design and repost.

  10. The Flying Imp says:

    Whats with the stupid comments Cooter? you a cry baby? its a bike! its not like hes rolling around with swastika’s all over his bike. Since when did chopper guys turn into sissy, dont hurt my feelings guys? People used to throw down the ss all over the place back in the day. I guess some people are just too sensitive now.

  11. The Flying Imp says:

    Ethan, dont you dare redo the paint on your bike just because some clown on and internet site. The paint looks great man and for the one person you will offend out of many more who like it that wouldnt be worth it. Do what you want but i hope that you wouldnt repaint it over this.

  12. Russ says:

    I think the bike looks cool …. Politics and choppers…WHAAAA?
    Its your bike , and if your happy whith it ….Forgetaboutit

  13. cooter says:

    Ethan, I wanna give you a sincere apology,….and also sorry I called you Adolf! I shouldve waited till you responded before I started to bust your balls over your tank! And thanks for writing in and clearing up the confusion!


  14. Qball says:

    By daddycool i meant daddygs and his “handlebar warmers” Ill get back in my box now.

  15. Jonjo says: