1975 Psychotheropy


Updating some pictures from this morning. I think we got the angles right. I am very pleased with the results. I’ll keep you updated. The chopper gods smile on me.


I have been restoring old metric bikes for about 5 years now. It helps me keep my sanity. I started to see some of the old yamaha choppers and fell in love and at that point decided I had to have one. I picked up this xs last october and started to let the juices flow. I’m trying for a brat style at the moment.

The gas tank led me to an entire xs parts bike striped down and in boxes for $50. The wheels are off that parts bike.I wated to save the original gutter rims for a later project. The tires were shipped the other day. They are good used Yokohama Speedmasters , paid 99 cents a piece off of ebay. Started the cutting yesterday. No turning back now.

Wish me luck.

John Simmons


  1. Barney says:

    Nice start for a brat. What’s up with those back shocks? I’ve seen them before but haven’t researched on what the purpose is.

  2. John Simmons says:

    Thanks guysfor your comments. The rear shocks came off V45 Magna(called a piggyback shock). The canister on the rear must have some function because replacements were $750 per side back in the day. I have somemore pics I’ll put up soon.

  3. John Simmons says:

    Does anybody have any ideas for a rear fender.I don’t have a lot of room.

  4. Fabbastard says:

    Ya pretty good so far! Fender hmmmmm. Not sure what to tell ya, if it was me I’d use one that had a rib in it to enhanse the width of the rear tire and follow the line off the bottom of that rear shock. I also wouldn’t let the fender flow back past that line. But thats just me, I’m struggling with the rear fender issue right now too! Good luck!!!

  5. John Simmons says:

    I was kind of thinking of attaching the fender to the swingarm. That would let me place the fender right on top of the tire. I haven’t seen it done before on brats just hardtails. And the fender won’t go past the rear axle. Thank you for the suggestions.

  6. DJ bjp says:

    SOOooo… im looking to do a bobber or bratsyle build on a budget and i found a 1982 yamaha 650 on craigslist but the guy dsnt know if its a Maxim or a XS. does it matter?? whats the difference?

  7. John Simmons says:

    I’ve seen both the cs and the maxim bobbed and bratted. The xs
    is a more desirable bike because of the classic lines of the motor. The xs is also alot easier to find aftermarket custom parts for. If it’s not within driving distance to inspect you may want to pass on it and wait till late fall and winter when the prices come down. Good luck.

  8. norm younger says:

    Any new pics?

  9. John Simmons says:

    Things got put on hold for a couple of months. I just bought a house but give me a few days and I’ll post another pic or two.

  10. tom says:

    i recon you need a smaller tank, that one stretches just a lil to far down the backbone in my opinion. lookin like a winner otherwise

  11. John Simmons says:

    That’s weird Tom I just loved on this morning to look at my progress since I posted the pics. I have always wanted a smaller tank ’cause the sportster tanks have been done to death. I am thinking about a yamaha dt175 or 250 tank. Give it a cross between a tracker and a street fighter. Thank you very much Tom, you have made up my mind. I have been decorating the rafters with tanks and I already have the perfect one.