Updating some pictures from this morning. I think we got the angles right. I am very pleased with the results. I’ll keep you updated. The chopper gods smile on me.


I have been restoring old metric bikes for about 5 years now. It helps me keep my sanity. I started to see some of the old yamaha choppers and fell in love and at that point decided I had to have one. I picked up this xs last october and started to let the juices flow. I’m trying for a brat style at the moment.

The gas tank led me to an entire xs parts bike striped down and in boxes for $50. The wheels are off that parts bike.I wated to save the original gutter rims for a later project. The tires were shipped the other day. They are good used Yokohama Speedmasters , paid 99 cents a piece off of ebay. Started the cutting yesterday. No turning back now.

Wish me luck.

John Simmons