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Jason Harrill’s XS650



Craigslist find for 500 bucks.

It was a stock 79 frame with an 81 motor. My original plan was to have the frame hardtailed and go from there. I learned how quickly plans change. Now is where my bike really got started.

Ran in to a guy from my area that I kinda knew but not really well. He had built a couple bikes for himself and I started telling him plans for my bike. He gave me my first cool piece of the bike-my Unity headlight that was brass under the chrome. Long story short, if it wasn’t for this guy, I would still be staring at my stock frame wondering where to start.

His name is Brian Blanton and he is one for the books. Continue Reading →

I got “77 problems” but a Bike aint one!



“77 problems”

Nate – It’s another build from the shop you love to hate. Another stupidly named xs, with another fuckin’ sporty tank..

Street Tracker, Work in Progress



I used an old 72’er engine and a ’82 frame. Together they stood for 8 years in the back of my garage, slowly rusting away… Continue Reading →




This is my #6 and I am happy with how she turning out so far. I got it off a guy that was going to build an ice bike so I built around the tires, studded knobbys that came on it. It’s a 1977 now with a 6 inch extended swing arm also a mono air shock off an older kawi. Continue Reading →

xs in chicago update



Chicago potholes are unforgiving

This bike was on this site last year, but many changes have been made. I scrapped the xs wheels, and went with an HD rear solid mag and custom disc brake set-up. Front is a YZ 250 21″ rim that i bored out the fork tubes and ran a burly 20mm rear xs axle through (chicago potholes are unforgiving). Continue Reading →

patrick’s – 80 Beater



I just picked up this bike about a month ago .. havent touched it but it is now at a buddys to get stretched ,lowered seat pan cleaning up the frame , paint and such .. could use ideas .. Continue Reading →