Why yes it is a F#@*n’ Yamaha


She’s mine, she’s paid for & she just keeps running & running

Here’s a little history about my current XS… but it seems like I need to tell you a little of my past first. In the early 80’s I was riding my first Harley, a 1980 Sportster. Even though it was a dependable bike I still wanted a bike of the gods “a Chopper”. Back then not everyone owned a Harley or a chopper.


One day there was an ad in the paper for a hard-tail frame, Springer front end & various other parts. I rush over to see what the guy had with grand ideas of turning my Sporty into a bike of the gods. Well he has a new aftermarket frame, other parts, a used springer front end and almost enough to put together a roller. It had gone through about 3 different people, all gathering parts but no one putting it together. In the corner was a motor with no name (all had been filled in). He tells me it’s rebuilt and will fit the frame. I ask him what it is. He says “Just a Yahmy 650.” Five hundred dollars later & I’m loading my score!

I build the bike and now own two, my Sporty and my Chopper… Well I ride them both a few more years before I trade them for my first big twin, a 1980 shovel in a 1957 straight leg frame.


Years later, a couple more Harleys and a lotta miles and an old friend tells me he still has his XS from the past and I’m the only one he would consider selling it to, on one condition – if I ever get rid of it he gets first shot. He goes on and tells me some of the history. It’s a 1972 that he bought in ’74, he and his ex Father-in-law are the ones that chopped it. He bought the hard tail section, electrical box and other parts from a Santee catalog. They cut the frame in half, chalk lined it out, tack welded it up then took it to his Father-in-laws work where he was a professional pipe welder to finish putting it together, a true 70’s chopper. Well it’s almost 37 years since it was built. The motor has never been rebuilt and she is still running strong.

Of course I had to make it mine. I removed all the 70’s molding., found perfect welds, took her apart, repainted, changed a few things, rewired, etc., etc.  I’ve been riding her for about 8 years now and she’s still a classic chopper. So I’m pretty much back to my beginning.

Two bikes a 1990 Soft-tail that has been the best bike I’ve ever owned (She’s mine, she’s paid for & she just keeps running & running) and my 1972 XS650 Chopper (one of the funnest bikes I’ve ever ridden.)  She’s a keeper.

Russell Archer “Rustler”


  1. HOTmonkeyLOVE says:

    37 years without a rebuild? Not bad for an air cooled motor. How many miles do you think you have on it?

  2. Sean from boston says:

    Thing Is crazy amounts of old school!

  3. Fabbastard says:

    You never see bikes like this anymore. But they are the reason/inspiration for many of us that build today…… In fact I have a seat like that sitting on my next project (he he he)…Thanks for sharing man!

  4. Russ says:

    miles?…If I ride it just to work only 7 months out of a year for about 8 years I guess that would be around 15000 (thats just to work & back, no fun rides ) and the previous owner had it for around 30 years and someone else for the first couple of years of its life and it’s only around 39 years old total I guess that adds up to around *!!*??!** but dont count on my math skills 🙂

  5. The Flying Imp says:

    dude this is a killer bike. the only thing which is no big deal that I would change on it would be the rear fender, it needs to be closer to the tire, or maybe a taller tire. ya a taller tire would kill. besides that man I totally dig this bike Fabbastard is right you never see bikes like this anymore, its like all sould went out the window with these new bikes.

  6. The Flying Imp says:

    and nice shirt by the way I’m waiting for more to get stocked they have been sold out for so long



  8. fanoboss says:

    Very Nice Bike.

  9. boots says:

    holy 70’s!!! an awesome thing to behold… i’m jealous.

  10. Seigneur says:

    Niceee bobber!

    I love that devil-gurl sticker! Congratz!

  11. Qball says:

    Nice ride mate, would like to see the design on the tank!

  12. norm younger says:

    Great bike dude.

  13. fanoboss says:

    Looking back at this bike, it’s hella’ better than VERY NICE BIKE, which was my previous statement. This is what a CHOPPER SHOULD BE !!! fan tas tic !!! I LOVE IT !!