Sgnr’s Bobber (the beginning)


Hey dudes! greetings from México!

This is my yamaha bobber xs650 1978, I have just bought it few weeks ago. This is the actual status.


You can check the updates in the next url:

Saludos a todos mis colegas poseedores de una xs650 acá en México!

Cya around, ride safe!


  1. Richard Hurt says:

    Orange is a good color for an XS bobber.

  2. Seigneur says:

    Hi dudes, thanks for your comments =)

  3. The Flying Imp says:

    sweet bike dude

  4. sean from boston says:

    looking good so far I like the color it matches my hair! the pipes look great

  5. Seigneur says:

    Thx dudes!