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MigBaron Kustoms (?) beers



Garage builds

This here build took a lot more beers than I care to admit. Seems like work sessions often ended up as hang outs and then followed closely by hangovers. In the end it all seems worthwhile considering  all the good times! Been keeping pretty busy over here in Rancho Cambodia,…….. garage builds have been steady so can’t complain, since they at least pay for shop supplies and a few brews  “Poverty!”

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Glyn Murdock’s YAMAHOG



I started out with a 81 XS, i am the second owner the guy i bought it from bought it new in 1981. I rode it stock for several years and decided to bobb it. My first chop and hopefully my last! Continue Reading →

The ace of spade



I pickup this bike during christmas holiday,it’s 79 it was running but i had to put it back stock perfect shape to get the registration. This is done so the fun start,the next step it’s welding the brat-kit from visual impact, the picture show how the bike should look… Continue Reading →

DBW – Hot Rod XS



I bought a 1983 650 from a young man who made a  homemade hardtail.

I then found another young man in Ohio named Kit who built everything

I needed from scratch. Kit did the work for trade which was a 1972 XS

650. We decided that the hardtail was junk, so we sent it to TC Brothers.

The frame is just black primer and the tank and fender are spry can. Continue Reading →

Sgnr’s Bobber (the beginning)



Hey dudes! greetings from México!

This is my yamaha bobber xs650 1978, I have just bought it few weeks ago. This is the actual status. Continue Reading →

Sean from boston – RugBurn!



Builder: Jon-Michael Blythe PGCo A.K.A.: J.M.
Home town: Savin Hill, Boston, MA.
Motorcycle: 1981 Yamaha XS650

I got into motorcycles in my twenties. An uncle gave me and
My wife’s cousins husband a stock ’77 Triumph Bonneville
After a thanks giving poker game. Like that first taste of cocaine
We were hooked. Been doing it daily ever since.

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