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This here build took a lot more beers than I care to admit. Seems like work sessions often ended up as hang outs and then followed closely by hangovers. In the end it all seems worthwhile considering  all the good times! Been keeping pretty busy over here in Rancho Cambodia,…….. garage builds have been steady so can’t complain, since they at least pay for shop supplies and a few brews  “Poverty!”


…………………. Between the  8 to five, three kids and keeping  the wife happy, it leaves only so much time for wrenching, but you make time for the things that float your boat right. So lots of early morning  (before work) and late night (after work) sessions in the old two car man cave. Want to thank my bud Rob (neighbor and close family friend) for all his help in getting this and many other scooters done and on the road.


Like most other builds this was also an Owner/Builder collaboration, since the  owner “Davo” did he’s fair share in drinking all them beers!  And helping out where ever he could. Davo has been bit by the xs bug and is now the owner of three other xs650’s we will be working on soon.


So it’s not the last time you will be hearing his name or seeing he’s bikes. The look we were shooting for  was old school stealth, so we went with the Matt black and Gloss  paint scheme and added some silicone bronze Touches here and there . The tank was picked up by the owner  from a local guy,  Slim Fabrications  (cool shit coming out of this guys garage, check him out).


Wheels are stock (drilled) running  Avon speed master  front and Avon rear. Stock Carbs with stock TCI ignition. TC Bros hard tail. Battery and electrical was shoved in an aftermarket oil bag. If you guys feel like killing some time, check out my web site and blog to see some other builds coming out of the shop (aka two car overstuffed garage).


Like always, Keep building and posting those bad ass bikes guys, and Stay tuned for more bikes from MigBaron Kustoms your friendly neighborhood chop shop………………………….. hope you guys like them.….. And Yes I live in a PINK House so there!


  1. Juice says:

    nice looking bike man, that tank is rad as hell

  2. Richard Hurt says:

    The tank…

    Now maybe Hans will be happy for a little while lol

  3. reynoldburton says:

    Yeehaww – very nice bike. Saw this tank on slims blog some time ago & wondered where it would be put on. Fantastic!

  4. Qball says:

    Really like the exhaust. Has a great `ruff n ready` look. Sweet lines, sweet build.

  5. shawn says:

    exhaust looks killer! i like the lines of the bike too!

  6. bigpup says:

    Very nice my man, I ordered a set of bars from you, can’t wait to get them. Your building some really cool stuff. Is that a skull face sitting in your old truck.

  7. patrix says:

    Real nice job on the pipes and handle bar…also love the tank lines but that “bullet” has limited range….and I love to see the herd out front of the barn. THANKS

  8. 6thof7thgarcia says:

    Ditto on the exhaust and love the slim tank

  9. Hans from Holland says:

    Ha that´s a good one Richard !!! You got it right, really gettin´ bored to see a Sportstertank on a XS….

  10. tadd442 says:


  11. mathiaz says:

    wow nice rally like this one

  12. Barney says:

    Crazy tank. I like how the lines match the hardtail. That last pic is pretty killer!

  13. Fabbastard says:

    Are you gonna throw some more paint on that slick little ride or just leave it rough?

  14. Jonathond says:

    Seen the bike you guys had in rebel rods, very nice. This bikes pretty tight too, Nice work outta the mig baron garage, I gotta get some better neighbors that are more into bikes and can help out!

  15. Drilled Mags, eh? okay. takes some guts. Any sign of stress? Looks cool.

  16. Mig says:

    Thank you gents for all the encouraging words. Like I have said before judging by the bikes posted here I take them as a big compliment.

    bigpup: Yup that is a skull in the truck and if you look close he’s holding a bottle of Jack Daniels. That dude came rolling up about a month ago and past out in my truck (staring to think he’s not going anywhere, plus he’s starting to smell funny!) LOL thanks for the purchase bro. you should be receiving your bars real soon.

    patrix: Good call on the tank. I was able to get a tiny bit over a gallon in that badboy. (good thing the liqour is a block away, and I live 15 minutes away from everywhere!) ha ha

    fabbastard: Yup this bike is being left neglected as a red headed stephchild……leaving it rough.

    I_am_10_ninjas: If you think that takes guts you should see the helmet the owner is planning on wearing when riding this scooter (comedy!) Ha Ha …. so far no signs of stress but I’ll keep you posted.

    Let me know if I can answer any other questions
    Stay Cool Guys

  17. Geezerman says:

    NICE !!!

  18. sean from boston says:

    good looking bike I like the tank but wish it didn’t sit so high, keep up the good work, Cant wait to see it all painted

  19. joe speedboat says:

    Killer! The best looking pipes i’ve seen so far!!

  20. The Duke says:

    Cool bike. Were did you get the air filters from?

  21. English Bob says:

    Mig…Koooooooooooool looking scoot! ….Do I detect two imposters in the camp? A Triumph across the doorway, and the Triumph (cream tank) left of centre…….or is it the scurvy on my eyelash’s!

  22. pommy nick says:

    hi ya,cool looking bike.wondered where you got the handle bars as they are just what im looking for.they look as if they are 7/8 and all the wide bars i seem to find are 1″.cheers.

  23. Destr0 says:

    That bike is WAY too narrow for those wide/low handlebars! Cut them down on each side or change to a super narrow set that matches the tank and this would look perfect.

  24. Garage builds says:

    Or leave it the way it is and ride the hell out of it.

  25. Mig says:

    Again thanks for the comments guys, all are welcomed.

    The Duke : I believe the filters came from mikes xs

    English bob: You sir are spot on ! those are two trumpets among my flock! good eye

    pommy nick: the handle bars came of a triumph, “not sure of year or make” though sorry

    destro: Yup I agree with you, the tank does beg for a certain type of bar , we where trying to experiment with something a little difrent from the obvoius. (some people dig the look some don’t) but after running it with those wide low bars it just handled way to sweet & smooth and I couldnt bring myself to take them off… LOL

    Stay Cool Guys

  26. Qball says:

    I reckon the bars make a nice contrast to the slim line body

  27. Dave says:

    looks like its about to fly off into the sky. pretty neat bike all around!

  28. mark says:

    killer looking bike tank is off the wall liking very much

  29. Trip says:

    Man that must have been some good, I mean Good beer!!

  30. davo says:

    Mr. Mig “Mig Baron” All I have to say is thank You… Bike kicks A$$!
    Final got all the bugs worked out of this thing…
    Wrapped the exhaust…etc……..Bobber runs like a raped ape!

    Also have to say thanks to “Slim” for the tank, great work….much respect Broham!

    @Fabbastard : No paint for now…..keep the “slick little ride” rough…

    @ Jonathond: you need to move out of that neighborhood or get some new neighbors…hahaha ….Miguel is doing some “Nice” work out of his shop 4sure…
    Can’t say enough…….Thanks again Sir!

    @ninjas: No sign of stress on the front wheel and I ride the $hit out of this thing…..Thanks

    @Duke: Mike’s XS your welcome…lol

    @Destr0: To each his own….I feel what you’re throwing down!

    @ Mark; Thanks Bro

    @Trip: Defiantly some good spirits and good friends on this build….Thanks

    And lastly…. I’m working my way up to one of those imposters you saw “Triumph” real soon!

    Thanks again for the comments!


  31. norm younger says:

    Great tank and pipes.

  32. matt says:

    im interested in a set of the window bars. Wghen i go to order them it ries to charge me tax but im from ohio..

  33. Mig says:

    Hey Matt sorry for the very late response , been crazy busy here in garage. If your still intrested in them bars shoot me an e-mail migbaron@gmail.com and I’ll take care of ya!
    Stay Cool