Joe Bob Biggs Finally Running


I have had this bike for bout 7 years. It was bone stock until  1 1/2 years ago when I had the bright idea to turn it into a Bobber. I have done all the Fab Work, Wiring(with help) and Engine Work.xs650-chop-noid-IMG_5396

82′ XS650 Special
Bored to 707cc
Performance Cam from Mikes
OverSized 5th Gear in Tranny
Pamco Set-Up
VM34 Round Slides from 650 Central
Custom LED Mic TailLight
HandMade Seat
I am in the Process of getting all the Bugs out and the it will be Painted and PowderCoated


  1. Joe Bob Biggs says:

    my picture taking skills are horrible but there she is ….

  2. Fabbastard says:

    cool. how long are the rear shocks?

  3. cris says:

    i dig it,,, just the way i like my project to look like.. cool set up bro.. nice..up up…

  4. Joe Bob Biggs says:

    The rear shocks are 10.5″ Honda Rebel Shocks.

  5. tadd442 says:

    I’m digging the seat, you did the upholstery as well?

  6. Joe Bob Biggs says:

    I need to post a closer picture of the seat it has a picture etched into it. I made the seat pan, had a buddy etch the leather and had a local S&M Shop do the stitching.

    I also need to post a closer picture of the Tail Light cause I made it out of a 40’s or 50’s Microphone.

  7. Joe Bob Biggs says:

    that was just one I had lying …….. and it called “Patina” gives it that used feel

  8. boots says:

    that is an awesome bike. love it. nice to see a bike without the TC Bros hardtail and apehangers. kudos.

  9. boots says:

    say bob, are those drag bars? what tank are you using?

  10. HOTmonkeyLOVE says:

    Actually I kinda like the side cover with the paint chipping off it. I like some of these rolling rust buckets that run really, really well.

  11. boots says:

    you could get the engine vibes down by re-phasing it… i’ve never done it, but it’s supposed to work wonders.

  12. hooversama says:

    that seat is flat as a pancake.

  13. fea says:

    did you extend the swing arm at all?

  14. Joe Bob Biggs says:

    No the SwingArm is stock length. Made the Seat Rail Modifications before I saw any kits on the Market. So it was all a hit and miss for me.