DBW – Hot Rod XS


I bought a 1983 650 from a young man who made a  homemade hardtail.

I then found another young man in Ohio named Kit who built everything

I needed from scratch. Kit did the work for trade which was a 1972 XS

650. We decided that the hardtail was junk, so we sent it to TC Brothers.

The frame is just black primer and the tank and fender are spry can.


The rear fender came off of a Kawazaki and is plastic the metal struts

came with the fender. The handlebars are off a old three wheeler.

He did some really neat things like extend the break pedal and the

shifter. I just added the four inch springs on the seat instead of three.

The fake oil bag is an oil filter from a CAT heavy equipment machine.

The tank has TC Brothers decals on it and also the fender. I really like

the mirror. It is alot of fun to ride. I think Kit did a great job.There are

1000s of Harleys out there but only so many of these even though they

keep coming. I sold my 1977 FLH and this is so much more fun very

light and fast.


Hope you like it.  Denny


  1. sean from boston says:

    Beautiful bike, But all that really matters Is that you Love to ride it!

  2. Richard Hurt says:

    Is that 2″ over?

  3. Richard Hurt says:

    Nice bike btw. I happen to really like them like this, just the basics and no expensive paint. Did you decide to forgo the rear disk brake due to linkage hassles during fabrication? I have the mag wheels and wonder.

  4. Barney says:

    I like everything about this bike. Nice job!

  5. patrix says:

    The bike looks simply and comfortably right…..with very nice emblems on gas and oil tanks…love it.

  6. Steven says:

    this bike is bad ass without tryin….great job…