Yamaha XS650 Exhaust Kit


The TC Bro just came out with a DIY exhaust kit specifically for the XS650. I got mine in the mail yesterday. The Kit has a grip of pieces including 2 flanges and collars to fit your stock XS650 head, 2 mandrel bent 90 degree pieces, 2 mandrel bent 180 degree pieces and 2 straight length pieces.


Tubing is 1.5 inch diameter 16 gauge steel; so now you don’t have to use the crappy car exhaust tubing you got from the auto store. There is enough tubing supplied to play around and make whatever crazy exhaust you can come up with.



  1. sean from boston says:

    I can’t wait to see this on a bike!! sweet kit guys!

  2. TonyM says:

    I am definitely purchasing one of these kits. The absence of flanges and collars has kept me from adapting a biltwell kit for my bike, but now there’s nothing stopping me. Great job!

  3. Tim crash81 says:

    And just 80.00$ bucks for the kit,,,, can’t beat that.. Not even with an old pice of exhaust pipe..

  4. Rusty Nutz says:

    Every once in a while I wish that I had done a review/writeup on the handlebars I got from Lowbrow. Sorry I got spaced out. You might remember I was the first winner of something from this site. I picked the window bars. They arrived in perfect condition in a sturdy box with, like, pipe insulation around the tubes to protect it. The welding is finely done, and the chrome is high quality, not a mark or nick or blemish on them. I’m not really all that fussy, but if you are, no fear. Also included was a Lowbrow poster, and a small sticker for my forehead. I emailed Lowbrow briefly (Tyler?) to confirm my address, and it showed up right away. Service was excellent, in spite of the fact that they were giving something away for free. I can safely say that if you spend some cash there, you’ll be treated okay. Five stars.

  5. Sean from boston says:

    Hey rusty I love the comment man but this is a tc bros kit haha,

  6. Qball says:

    Hey, they`re all good for supporting xs650s

  7. Mikey G says:

    I got this kit for my ‘lil YamChop…..Best 80 bones I’ve spent in a long time. More than enough tube to get as wacky as you want. Kit was quick to arrive, and now I’ve got enough “koozies” from them to have all 6 of my freinds over for a cold can of PBR! TC’s done me right so far. Thanx Tyler!

  8. Eric H says:

    I just ordered my weld-on hardtail from TC, can’t wait till it gets here then I can start chopping, scored a 79 XS650 off my brother in rough shape. This site has inspired me with many ideas!! thanks xs650. I will post pics soon.

  9. Shane Ryans says:

    Great kit and you can’t beat the cost either