xs blue

Had this bike 7 years now previous one got nicked i`d had that one 14 years, its on a par with losing your dog! done loads all by local small buisnesses and after market parts, still got more to do but i`m gonna run it for a while first, happy holidays, xsblue.


  1. fanoboss says:

    Is that CAROLINA BLUE ?

  2. stinkfinger says:

    Good basic workhorse.

  3. xsblue says:

    not sure what the color is but carolina blue sounds cool, happy holidays.

  4. fanoboss says:

    I live in North Carolina, and the University of Chapel-Hill’s mascot is the Tar-heel Ram, and their color is called Carolina Blue , and that is sort of a Powder Blue.

  5. xsblue says:

    i live in the northwest of england,and we call that color ice blue but idont know what the proper name is as i through the cans away and i cant remember,happy holidays,xs blue.

  6. itchy says:

    Northwest of England? I think I saw this bike a a few days back smokin through the mean streets of Accrington – and it looked and sounded v. cool.
    Hope you keep on enjoying the fine weather we bin having!!!!