Win a Free xs650 BRAT KITS – Visual Impact

Mike from Visual Impact is selling kits that   make it easy to build a Brat xs650. Check out the bike Mike built that utilizes the Visual Impact BRAT KIT. The kit sells for $85 and you can win one for free. Anyone in the world can enter. (Mike can cover shipping in US elsewhere winner covers shipping only, BRAT KIT is free)

Subscribe To XS650chopper via Email and you will be entered to Win a Visual Impact Brat KIT..

All you have to do to enter is subscribe To XS650chopper via Email: We will pick one random e-mail on 3/10/11  and send you a kits.

Just put your e-mail address in the subscription box on the right side of the site-press submit. Look for a E-mail confirmation link in your Inbox. (You need to click the confirmation link in your e-mail to be entered) When new posts are published on the site you will get them delivered in your e-mail inbox.  (You can always unsubscribe) (Thanks Mike)

  1. Visual Impact xs650 BRAT KITS.
  2. You can buy the Visual Impact BRAT KIT here.


  1. Mister says:

    Yahoo! Im subscribed, I never noticed that or I would have probably done it earlier.

  2. scott says:

    what if you’re already subscribed?

  3. Jonathond says:

    Should current subscribers unsubscribe and then resubscribe to be entered?

  4. rasper says:

    I want to make sure that I am in on that. Can I just subscribe again?

  5. Sean from boston says:

    Another good thing for us by a vendor so thanks!!!

  6. steve says:

    I am currently starting to build on of my XS’s to builder a bobber and I came across this kit and it is exactly what i am looking for.
    I would really love to have this Kit for my 79′ How do I register to win this kit???

  7. Visimpact says:

    Not sure it says brat style kit unfortunately everyone refers to xs 650s that have suspension as brat stlye or brat or whatever so to say drop seat kit would be more like it but it’s just easier and less confusing to call it a brat kit. Its ok if u think that it’s not worth it, many do and its helped out a bunch of home builders so this is just a little back for the support and great response. Can’t please everyone… be it.

  8. kalle says:

    He he i also got jumped for calling a bike “bratstyle” when it was CLEARLY not bratstyle according to the commenting expert…

    anyways i would love to win this set as i dont own a fancy tubebender,lathe etc etc….

    these kits make us regular dudes without superskills look good.

    keep up the good work!

  9. Qball says:

    $85 rrp. $20 material + fab/ machine time + profit margin ( they’re not a charity)
    If you can make it yourself great. If not its a realistic alternative.

  10. BTIDD says:

    I bought one of these about 2 weeks ago.Great kit,good communication.Very happy.Cant wait to get started.As for the $ 20 in material guy,lets see you do it for $20.00. Better yet,I will take 5 of them.Let me know when they are ready.

  11. rasper says:

    Tommy, i will take one of yours incase I dont win this give away! $20 I am down with that!

  12. Ted says:

    The random e-mail winner is thecamtwisters ( part of e-mail address) I sent you an e-mail and also sent one to Mike.

    Big Thanks to Mike @ Visual Impact.

  13. handonia says:


  14. Rev.Robert Abramson says:

    I’m glade to know you have parts for my ride.

  15. kalle says:

    this is Crazy!!! i never win stuff!!! woo hoooo!
    this kit is going on a bike im just about to buy!!
    petfect timing!! THANK YOU!!

  16. sean from boston says: