The Wronka Toy

The Wronka Toy At The Barber Track

Built this bike 13 years ago after a major health problem. 1978 Yamaha XS 650 now 750CC with big bore kit,36 MM Mic’s Jemco exhaust , Omar’s tank and seat. Vintage Brake semi floater up front and stainless brake lines.


Tkat fork brace , Mule cam covers, Web cam #1 grind and some of mods I forgot. This is my daily rider. I just turned 67 years old , my all time favorite ride.

Wally Wronka


  1. okie_injun says:

    looks very nice man. glad to hear you are still riding..

  2. fanoboss says:

    That’s pretty BADAZZ !!!! I hope when I’m 67 I’m as cool as you.

  3. fanoboss says:

    Where did you get the cam covers from?

  4. Wally Wronka says:

    Thanks for the nice words. I got the cam covers from Mule Motorcycles. He builds high dollar Trackers from Yamaha 650’s and Harleys. You can google his website. Mikes XS is also selling some CNC machined cam covers.


  5. RightSaidFred says:

    I’ve done a lot of road racing (cars), but I don’t think i’ve driven the track in your pictures. is that Barber Motorsports Park? very cool bike and great spot for a photo!!

  6. BigJimmyW13 says:

    Looks Good Wally. You get some racing fuel or figure out the tank?

  7. Brad says:

    Great bike, what tires and sizes are you using? Did you use omars 19″ rear tire kit also?

  8. HOTmonkeyLOVE says:

    It’s a chick magnet!

  9. Gerry says:

    Cool. Glad there’s someone older than me here. Really nice work on that bike. The Kenny Roberts color scheme is a hit. “Rear” wheel and brake is nice. I’m too bashed up for rear sets any more but that bikes is just screaming a pair and a 1/4 fairing to boot.
    Great bike. Keep riding

  10. HOTmonkeyLOVE says:

    Two questions. That is a 19″ rim on the back? Can you simply attach the sprocket and brake disk to a front rim, or is there some machining to make that work?

    What is that background? A racetrack? It doesn’t make any sense to me.

  11. hooversama says:

    that bike is sick……!!!

  12. Wally Wronka says:

    Here is a link with some pictures building the bike

    Going in deep ,turn left.


  13. hey Mr. Wronka, its Cale, Wally’s old friend. I am about to get my first xs650 and was doing some research and just came across your bike. i was actually thinking about it the other day, crazy. well if you live in the same place i will swing by and show you the bike next time i am in town. hope all is well and tell Wally i said hello, miss you guys. hope to see you soon

  14. norm younger says:

    I really like the scrambler look.