G’day from Australia, I’m Smithy, I had a chopper when they were not even popular! Yep hard to believe eh………. I came across this site late last night. All you XS650 nuts inspired me to build again…
I dug out some shots of my ‘ol chopper called “THE PUNK”

It was a sweet, fast machine and the coppers loved to try and catch me, i was only 16,no license, no lid and no mufflers. I could crap on all day about it cause that’s what us ‘ol farts do i spose. I’m 50 this year but i still have the same passion i did way back.


My specs: Hard tail custom frame,Peanut tank, XS2, starter removed -(less weight) 6 x 15 rear(Avon), 8″inch overs, 22 inch front wheel. 3″ off the deck, Couldn’t get round a corner, well but the sparks looked shit hot at night. Fast as ….. though. These are my only pic’s. Thank you XS650chopper.com and to the owners and builders of their machines… cheers to you all Smithy!

xs650 tanktop
xs650 Bandana
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 mug