Smithy’s – “The Punk”


G’day from Australia, I’m Smithy, I had a chopper when they were not even popular! Yep hard to believe eh………. I came across this site late last night. All you XS650 nuts inspired me to build again…
I dug out some shots of my ‘ol chopper called “THE PUNK”

It was a sweet, fast machine and the coppers loved to try and catch me, i was only 16,no license, no lid and no mufflers. I could crap on all day about it cause that’s what us ‘ol farts do i spose. I’m 50 this year but i still have the same passion i did way back.


My specs: Hard tail custom frame,Peanut tank, XS2, starter removed -(less weight) 6 x 15 rear(Avon), 8″inch overs, 22 inch front wheel. 3″ off the deck, Couldn’t get round a corner, well but the sparks looked shit hot at night. Fast as ….. though. These are my only pic’s. Thank you and to the owners and builders of their machines… cheers to you all Smithy!


  1. tadd442 says:

    sweet, looks like it was built yesterday.

    I’m going out on a limb and guess he meant 16″ rear & 21″ front wheels?

  2. Chris says:

    I’m not usually a fan of ‘choppers’, but this one is beautifully simple and elegant. Bravo!

  3. The Flying Imp says:

    i like it its got that nostalgia look to it. And alot of dirt bike front wheels are 22” so I would say it is probally a 22”.

  4. tadd442 says:

    @Imp…pic was taken in 1976…..dirt bike with a disc?…..coulda been relaced I guess.

  5. Barney says:

    Nice old school. Some things just don’t change.

  6. Sean from boston says:

    It’s well beautiful

  7. Smithy says:

    tadd442, out on a limb and correct, a good eye there mate.
    5×16 and 21 front… tick.
    When i found the site i was as happy as a ho at a prison rodeo.
    Can anyone scout another XS650 with title I can handle shipping to Australia?
    They are a bit thin on the ground here.
    Thanks for the kewl comments everyone.
    P.S, I may just start reproducing some gear for sale, once i build the next one.
    thanks, Smithy

  8. RatCHop says:

    I hope I live as long as you as to tell my tales of my escapades as a young outlaw. Im 21 now but I spent the last 2 years riding like a 1 percenter, and as I get older, Im slowly realizing i wanna be around a little longer than I thought. Even if its just to ride. Your an idle of mine, and an inspiration to me. Live hard, ride harder, keep building.

  9. RatCHop says:

    P.S. the bike i use to ride was an xs bobber real similar to yours.. Its on here as xsRatChop. Or just google my name, Seth Tangen

  10. beautiful. you still have the punk? great lines. can’t wait to see the punk II!

  11. Puker says:

    This is awesome. I love to see how passion transcends time. It’s great to feel like I share an experience that spans the entire globe. Thanks for those pics.

  12. Ted says:

    @ Smithy – Thanks for sending in the pictures man. The sportster tank has always looked good on the XS. “Can anyone scout another XS650 with title I can handle shipping to Australia? They are a bit thin on the ground here.” Your best bet to find someone willing to ship a xs to Australia is probably eBay. There is a small xs650 club in Australia here’s the link.

  13. Fabbastard says:

    Some things never get old, and that looks like one of those things. Cool

  14. Hans from Holland says:

    Timeless machine, looXS good in every decade….even century!

  15. Wow! that is incredible. What ever happened to her?

  16. toe. says:

    this is a sweet ride.
    good stuff there, Smithy.

  17. robbie says:

    I dig it,looks like a real piece of history,i did a theme on mine like this,its sep- 2010’60s chop””its done in black and white,have a gander…

  18. Joel says:

    That is a killer bike, thanks so much for posting it. I would love to see more vintage xs chops to see how it was really done back then. Wonder what the rake was on that bike? Looks all business. Rules.

    Find another xs and build a Punk clone!

  19. Geezerman says:

    Sweet lookin bike !!!!

  20. Smithy says:

    Boys, i’m stugglin to find xs 650 stuff here in oz big bucks for poop.
    Making heaps of inquiries found a TX 650 basket case for $2500 ..reasonable $?
    Q: XS 750 shaft drive, you guys no much about them?
    Can you convert a shaft drive to chain?
    “thanks in advance” and for the comments too.

  21. lil gromit says:

    2500 is good smithy i grabbed a tx 73 import here in sa 4 3k, 12k miles have hardtailed and gettn ready 2 put back on road, will b on here soon, xs aint cheap here in oz 5-9k now

  22. Smithy says:

    grrrrrrr might just bit the banker and grab it then grom
    cheers mate

  23. Jon says:

    Ted, I’m looking for a clean cb750 frame like the one you have in the old bobber post you built .

    al i’ve been able to fin is weld in sections that have this wierd hump where the seat is.

    I’m looking for something clean like yours is.

    any help… is good help

  24. billybobber says:

    Hey Smithy ya knobgobbler, thanks for sharing this pic, I do hope when ya rode it you ran the front tyre with a few more pounds in it, what state you from, I’m getting my long overdue ride on the road inna few months. Cheers mate and have a good one.

  25. Smithy says:

    billybobber ..’lol’ didja get that name in the can? Down in Victoria mate, have you got some pictures of yr bike on here?

  26. billybobber says:

    Struth mate, yer a bloody victorian! I’m a banana bender, just below Brisso. No mate, no pics up yet, its all fabbed and painted, just waiting on a few things before the donk is reassembled. When its back in the frame I’ll flick a few up, have a good arvy, its beer o’clock here….twist….psshhh…..ahhhhhh….buuuurp!

  27. Smithy says:

    lovin it mate………those unmistakable aussie sounds arhhhh.My sister lives in Redland bay area i’ll be visiting her soon.
    Up for a visit BillyB? I’m chasin a frame or running bike any round your way?

    You can contact me @ anytime mate.
    Smithy…… AKA ‘knobgobbler’

  28. billybobber says:

    Cheers mate I’m up for a visit, I’d buy a bike from the states and bring it over if I knew what I knew now, heaps cheaper and freight aint that dear, get a bobber or chopper already done then modify it to what you want. I got one of hose to ha ha

  29. Smithy says:

    Might be heading over there soon… I’m negotiating to bring back an Airplane at the mo.
    Might not need to go but if i do, may look at XS 650’s too if i need to fill half a container, providing they are cheap enough. I have heard they go for 300 -1000 for one done.


  30. billybobber says:

    Have a little bo peep on ebay search with xs650 bobber or add chopper to, narrows the search down. I might be interested in getting another one to, I’ll flick my details through o ou on your web mail, cheers.

  31. Juice says:

    2 words: F YEAH!

  32. norm younger says:

    Great bike.