“Rertogrades Slaughter House”


Write about your XS650.: I built this bike 2 years ago.. and the concept for daily use motorcycle.. basically engine and frame XS-650cc 1978..


We built in old house in Indonesia exactly in west java at Bandung city.


Cosmic Minimalize



  1. Capt_Zoom says:

    What carb is that?

  2. Geezerman says:

    NICE !!!!!

  3. Joshua Rasmussen says:

    That is one wild build.

  4. fanoboss says:

    WOW, very very cool. I love the seat.

  5. Trouwen says:

    I totally love XS-650!
    Greatest bikes ever made.

  6. migustigus says:

    That carb would be a webber twin 40..

    Gotta love that paint..

  7. Sean from boston says:

    Talk about radical!! So good

  8. Russ says:

    I really dig this . My son & I are putting one together with some of the same ideals-(not slanting the seat rails, same kind of seat pan, attack bars) This really gives us an ideal of visual direction. Thanks

  9. tadd442 says:

    dude, that gas cap kicks ALL types of ass!

  10. The Flying Imp says:

    this bike is amazing. its what a sled should look like. great job!

  11. reynoldburton says:

    Looks like a German moped tank from a Hercules M5 🙂

  12. Robbo says:

    Big question…. hows it run with the webber??? really VERY interested in some details about that…

  13. The Flying Imp says:

    This is absolutely the best bike I have seen on here so far. There arent even words to describe how I feel about this thing.
    Amazing job man

  14. XacredScreak says:

    Sae konengna kang.. hayu digeber..!!!

  15. norm younger says:

    Great sixties look.