“Red Batik” XS650 ’73, My Dream Come True


Without significant constraints:

Yudha From Jakarta-Indonesia: For approximately 8 years I dreamed to have a Yamaha XS650- Earlier in 2010 I got a 1973 XS650 Yamaha engine from Singapore, with the help of a friend, the machine arrived in Jakarta. For the First time, I put the XS650 Engine into a Rigid Frame that I got from my brother Oyong Medan-Indonesia (Thanks Bro). It takes 6 months of hard work and assistance from friends to make this machine run.


Thank God, with the help of my childhood friend “Gerry”, this machine is finally running well. The Next day I was riding this Xs straight to Bogor + – 60km From Jakarta without significant constraints. At the end of 2010, I get the original Xs650 frame, which started me up again to become perfect with the help of the Flying Hammer Garage Indonesia.


At the beginning of 2011 in February, My Yamaha XS650 was finally finished, and I was riding straight into The Queen Port with My Brothers From Iron Horse MC Indonesia, without constraint Means.


Finally My Dream Come true & I dedicate this Yamaha XS650 to my wife and beloved daughter.

Thanks Yudha


  1. RatCHop says:

    Awesome. Motorcycles really do make the world go round.

  2. Sean from boston says:

    Very very beautiful!

  3. tadd442 says:

    AWESOME paint!

  4. stinkfinger says:

    One of the best looking bikes we’ve seen in quite a while (not to put down the other great bikes of course). Lots of great details, great paint and seat. It’s all good. Some of the best paint I’ve ever seen. Very, very fine, one of the best.

  5. oelil says:

    keep up the good work & spirit my bro!!

  6. Yudha says:

    @RatCHop, Sean from boston, tadd442, stinkfinger, Oelil : Thanks For The Support Bro… Bravo XS650Chopper.com 🙂

    Correction : I dedicate this Yamaha XS650 to my wife and My Lovely daughter….

  7. dopXska says:

    good xs and paint an interesting, this is a blend of cultures and severity xs650.
    salute for builder and painter…!!

  8. Andy Larmouth says:

    this is sweeeet!

  9. fanoboss says:

    Great bike and story, thanks.

  10. Kalle says:

    Coolest tank in a long while!!!

  11. Beautiful beautiful. nice one. Great seat, rear fender and paint. What’s the front end set-up? Original forks? what’s the 21″ from?

  12. Icchan says:

    Nice Story Brother…
    I can’t wait to build my XS650 engine that I bought from you last week.
    Left crankcase has arrived yesterday from my friend 😀
    “And now I still looking for XS’650 frames” hahahahahha Dammn!! So hard to find it,
    Call me if you got some ok.

  13. harry carmony says:

    Beautiful bike…- great in every way…- Can you give an adress on where you got that gas tank…?…- It is one of the all time best looking I have ever seen on any of the xs650 frames…

  14. HardLuck says:

    Siick Whip!!! I dig the tank all low..

  15. stinkfinger says:

    It’s sort of not really a bobber, but not really a brat style, either. It’s got it’s own look, very tastefully done. Nice front fender treatment. Nice way to hang that fender.

  16. tom says:


  17. Ted says:

    @ harry carmony- That tank is pretty cool looking, it looks like a one-of-a-kind piece.

  18. harry carmony says:

    @ Ted…Lol…- that is usually the problem every time I see a tank I REALLY like…Same with Pipes…I am good with an arc welder…- but after 3 decades of gastank frustrations…- I may as well face the fact that I am gonna have to learn how to weld light guage steel….- Add that to the list of new tricks for an old dog…lol…
    ………….THANKS TED A LOT AND ALWAYS….. for putting up this site and keeping it up here for us all…- Your site has shown me such an abundance of good and bad ideas…It has saved me far more than enough time and money to pay for some new shop equipment and take some damn lessons….Lol…^5 !!!!!…- VERY MUCH APPRECIATED !!!!!!!

  19. Gerry says:

    Love the flat tracker look. Great craftsmanship. Best wishes to you.

  20. Chris Sam says:

    it looks just great!


    bravo yudha

  21. Ted says:

    @ harry carmony- Thanks Man..

  22. hooversama says:


  23. Tyler says:

    Wow! Nice work, that bike is killer. I dig the gas tank, paint job and the fact that it is a swingarm bike done right!

  24. chef haryo pramoe says:

    great job yuda!nice nice nice..susah euy english na..hahaha..

  25. hellbent says:

    coolest xs ive seen with the stock seat rail……nice.

  26. Well done my friend. The bike looks awesome! I bet your over the moon with it. Congrats to you. Happy riding.

  27. jawa says:

    kumpul yuk kumpul…. hehehehe

  28. XacredScreak says:

    hayu Jawa.. kumpul xs ungkul…