Randy thomas-Red baron bobber


1980 xs-650…. I purchased this bike late last year with all intentions of keeping it but have since aquired 2 more xs-650 projects that are eating my storage/work space. Freshly re-built from top to bottom plus right hand suicide shift. a very fun bike to ride.


  1. Barney says:

    Do you have photos of the other side to see the shift linkage?

  2. ratzass57 says:

    yes i do, i had sent 4 pics but it looks like only one was published. I’ll try to update or could email detailed pictures upon request. thanks for looking.

  3. alain bissonnette says:

    i am making my first build and i would like to have a right jokey shift do you have other pic so i could see how you did this instalation

    thanks Alain from Canada

  4. Chris says:

    Mind explaining the lower shock mount bracket?

  5. ratzass57 says:

    i will take some detailed pics of the jocky shift linkage and try to get them uploaded. as far as the shock mount, to be honest, i haven’t noticed it. i bid on the bike on ebay last year just before winter set in and had it stored until a few weeks ago.the brackets appear to be manufactured but not stock. i don’t have a lot of history on the bike and thought the actual builder might spot it here and speak up. he did a great job on everything but the lack of a front brake and the currect brake linkage set up is a bit akward as the stock pedal seems a bit small when the intersection is getting closer and closer.i would love to keep it but i already have a couple of bikes and a 77 xs650, hardtailed frame and just need to finish putting the clutch back together, polish the cases and the engine will be ready. i want a springer front end and possibly 21″ front wheel…on and on the dreams keep going……anyhoo, after being laid off work, i thought that i should concentrate less on collecting and focus more on something that i can say i built… or at least re-assembled in my own ass backward way.
    i will do my best to get pictures soon as i do believe the shifter set up is simple, light weight and very dependable.