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chris bradley-winter project



This was a beat up non running 82 that i chopped up. cant wait for summer

Goosenecked XS



Bought  this as a complete bike about 2 years ago,but was a total shed. Engine had been run with no oil, anything that could leak did leak and everything was painted black. It also had scars from an excursion off its wheels. So two years later, a 750 big bore, 4 inch over forks, alot of polishing and chrome things started to come together. Continue Reading →

WIN A lowbrow XS650 Hard tail


xs650 Weld-On Hardtail

Win a brand-new Yamaha xs650 Weld-On Hardtail Frame by David Bird and Lowbrow.

Submit a interview/article on your favorite XS650 chopper and enter it to win a brand-new lowbrow Hardtail. Do a e-mail interview with someone who’s built a XS that you dig. Get at least five high-quality pictures and two paragraphs worth of info on the bike and submit it. There are a lot of really sweet XS that haven’t been featured on this site. Maybe you know of a XS650 somewhere in the outer-web that deserves a little attention. Shoot them an e-mail and asked if they be down to do a short e-mail interview and send you some pic.
Here are some good interview examples:‘77-xs650750cc’s

Each interview submitted puts up for a chance to win a lowbrow XS650 Hardtail.
The winner will be voted on by you guys.

Anyone in the world can enter. (Tyler from lowbrow can cover shipping in US and Canada and elsewhere winner covers shipping only, hardtail is free) It is winner’s choice of straight or looped style hardtail, length of stretch (“, 2″, 4″ or 6″) and amount of drop (0″, 1″, 2″, 3″, 4”)! Hardtails are custom made to order and take about 4 weeks to ship. Continue Reading →

Yamaha XS650 Chopper “General Tso”


1973 Yamaha TX650 with a 1975 XS650 motor. Complete top end rebuild, homemade hardtail, handlebars, and fender.

“Rertogrades Slaughter House”



Write about your XS650.: I built this bike 2 years ago.. and the concept for daily use motorcycle.. basically engine and frame XS-650cc 1978.. Continue Reading →

JIMBOB- Rescued From The Scrap Hauler



They throw these away around here. I rescued this 75 XS650 from my local scrap collector on it’s way to the Shredder. It’s dinged up from being thrown around and had some parts missing, like tank, seat, throttle & coils. So far I’ve pieced it back together with used parts laying around my shop. Continue Reading →