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Updated Anodized Red XS650



I made a few changes since my last post, most of which were minor embellishments that included a lot of polishing and drilling lots of holes which kind of started a theme so I went with it. I’m not a great welder, so I made a new faux oil tank by piecing together two paint gun cans which comes apart in the middle like cracking open an egg so I can get to fuses without tools.   Continue Reading →

Win a Free xs650 BRAT KITS – Visual Impact


Mike from Visual Impact is selling kits that   make it easy to build a Brat xs650. Check out the bike Mike built that utilizes the Visual Impact BRAT KIT. The kit sells for $85 and you can win one for free. Anyone in the world can enter. (Mike can cover shipping in US elsewhere winner covers shipping only, BRAT KIT is free)

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billy hess – first xs build



I bought the bike in November, looking like hell, and started to work immediately on it.  Everything from the seat pan to the forward controls are done by hand.   Continue Reading →

Brew city bobber



This is a 1980 xs that I got for free off of craigslist. At first I was going to keep it simple and build a cafe out of it but inspiration struck and I built this little bobber. Continue Reading →

Aussie Bobber (work in progress)



I bought my 1980 special from a mate who had the best intentions of building a bobber but time was not on his side so i bought the bike about a year ago and got to work. To start with i stripped it down and got rid of the usual junk and got to cutting back the rear end to pieces, once that was done i fabricated the new seat rail (flat bar bent to the shape of the seat pan) and sub frame. Continue Reading →

Smithy’s – “The Punk”



G’day from Australia, I’m Smithy, I had a chopper when they were not even popular! Yep hard to believe eh………. I came across this site late last night. All you XS650 nuts inspired me to build again…
I dug out some shots of my ‘ol chopper called “THE PUNK” Continue Reading →