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The Wronka Toy


The Wronka Toy At The Barber Track

Built this bike 13 years ago after a major health problem. 1978 Yamaha XS 650 now 750CC with big bore kit,36 MM Mic’s Jemco exhaust , Omar’s tank and seat. Vintage Brake semi floater up front and stainless brake lines. Continue Reading →

Randy thomas-Red baron bobber



1980 xs-650…. I purchased this bike late last year with all intentions of keeping it but have since aquired 2 more xs-650 projects that are eating my storage/work space. Freshly re-built from top to bottom plus right hand suicide shift. a very fun bike to ride.

Fred’s first XS project



Started with this 1973 donor bike from my brother-in-law and just started ripping it apart and hoping I could get it back together one day.  I did almost everything in my garage with a cutting wheel / grinder and spray paint.  My buddy welded on a couple straps to mount the seat.  The geometry isn’t quite right for the springs to really work, but i like the looks of them. The tank is big and needs some sort of graphic to break it up some… i’m thinking a spade with a 13 on it or something. Continue Reading →

ROB’s- 1989 xs650



1980 650. Friend built the bike for himself. Always like it a lot. Sold it to someone else.  2 years later found it for sale.  Picked it up for a steal. Continue Reading →

“Red Batik” XS650 ’73, My Dream Come True



Without significant constraints:

Yudha From Jakarta-Indonesia: For approximately 8 years I dreamed to have a Yamaha XS650- Earlier in 2010 I got a 1973 XS650 Yamaha engine from Singapore, with the help of a friend, the machine arrived in Jakarta. Continue Reading →

Glen Raisbeck – XS650 bobber


Hi Heres my bobber i built over a couple of years, Hope you like. Continue Reading →