JIMBOB- Rescued From The Scrap Hauler


They throw these away around here. I rescued this 75 XS650 from my local scrap collector on it’s way to the Shredder. It’s dinged up from being thrown around and had some parts missing, like tank, seat, throttle & coils. So far I’ve pieced it back together with used parts laying around my shop.

The only thing new is the seat. It’s a BELL and only cost $25.00. It has 16K mi. with good compression, so I’m thinkin’ it should run a long time. I hot wired it to a couple SBC Chevy coils and it fired right up. This is the basic look I’m going for. It’s roughed in and needs finish welded, wired, and plumbed.


I’ve never built a hardtail or Jocky shift bike, so I thought I’d do it on this one. Since I got almost nothing in it, if I don’t like it, I’ll sell it and do something else.

I should have it lookin’ and runnin’ good by Spring. I’ll post some pics when it’s finished.



  1. Brett says:

    I like the look of that with no stretch. Good choice of seat! Great tank, what bike is it from? Brett

  2. Geezerman says:

    “They throw these away around here”
    Dam, man !!! Where is “around here”

  3. Jimmy says:

    I’m in North Ia.. Before the Yamaha, I had 2 Suzuki 750s that I gave $150. ea.. I rode the hell outta the one until last Fall when I traded both for a 48 Ford Coupe, Project. I’m liking the way this 650 is starting to look and I’ve checked out every bike on this site, and have become a FAN. I plan to keep this one for awhile.

  4. Jimmy says:

    The tank is a Custom aluminum tank from a Custom Hardtail HD. It has a slight leak. The Harley owner didn’t want it patched, so it’s a throw away also.

  5. fanoboss says:

    Love tank, seat and chain guard. Great build. If it was a hardley-wavison you’d have $5000 and unoriginal. Keep it coming !

  6. Fabbastard says:

    Yup I love where this is going, but I don’t know what I like most. So I’ll play it safe and say ” All the crap on the floor and not on your bike is the most appealing part so far”. Can’t wait to see this one done!

  7. Jimmy says:

    Since I sent this in, I’ve Rough mounted a different rear fender. I’ll be painting everything when it’s built. I thought the chrome rear fender wasn’t very creative, so I’m working on a Harley Glide front fender for the rear. It looks good to me and will be more functional. Pics later!

  8. fanoboss says:

    @ Fabbastard, u funny, lmao.

  9. Sean from boston says:

    Looks really cool! Good save!

  10. tadd442 says:

    Jimmy, set a couple of those “throw away” bikes aside, and lemme know where to pick ’em up!

  11. Jimmy says:

    I’ll keep a Watch out. But don’t count on me throwing anything away! LOL, I love to take a piece of junk and bring it back.

  12. tadd442 says:

    but they AINT junk….just varying stages of operational!
    Seriously though, I can be there in a few short hours!

  13. Dead Ed says:

    sick bike lovin this!!

  14. fanoboss says:

    It’s pretty awesome now. Can’t wait to see completion of this coolazz bike.

  15. Jimmy says:

    I worked on it a little yesterday, i mounted a forward brake pedal with a hidden cable to the rear. It’s gonna work good. Why can’t I add update photos to this comment??

  16. billybobber says:

    That was a compliment from me, cheers.

  17. Jimmy says:

    I’ve cleaned up the headlite/upper tree area and mounted a smaller lite. It’s about time to work on the fuel delivery and throttle system. Spring is coming.

  18. hooversama says:

    is that seat off from a exercycle?

    that tank is HUGE!

  19. Jimmy says:

    The seat is manufactured by BELL, The Helmet Co., It’s a spring seat for a Bicycle. The tank is salvaged from a hardtail Custom Harley Chopper.

  20. Jimmy says:

    As soon as this “EFFIN” snow melts, I’m ready to take JIM BOB for a Shake Down ride. It’s sounding really good. I want to ride it a few miles before I knock it apart for some paint.