Glen Raisbeck – XS650 bobber

Hi Heres my bobber i built over a couple of years, Hope you like.


  1. Sean from boston says:

    I like them both looking good!

  2. fanoboss says:

    I Love THE RIMS, REAR and FRONT FENDER, THE BARS, THE RACK ON BACK EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!!! Did you do anything to the motor. Looks like it’d run LIKE LIGHTNING !

  3. 6thof7thgarcia says:

    Looks good, really like the exhaust

  4. Glen Raisbeck says:

    Thanks for comments.Engine is standard with a new top end rebuild. Front end is suzuki 600 bandit ,rear end 1200 bandit.everything else was home made or modified. The only things I farmed out was the slab yolks . I
    I have recently sold it to an 80 year old bloke who came to view it on a trike.
    I am now concentrating on the other project as seen in one of the photos . Nearly finished tho and should be on the road very soon.

  5. John says:

    Thats a pretty big tank…have more info on it?

  6. glen raisbeck says:

    Hi John.The tank was off a Harley roadking or something.Far too big for bike so cut it down the middle like a wedge so when I welded it back up it was a lot narrower towards the back end . I then cut tunnel out as that was also too wide for tne top tube then welded my own narrower tunnel to suite. Then i welded over where the speedo had been and fuel caps and welded in the flush filler cap i won off ebay.I suppose you could call it a one off !

  7. bob scott says:

    sorry glenn im not talking about bikes but iwas wondering if you were the glenn who was at raf leeming with me ifyou get in touch mate if youre not sorry for wasting your time cheers

  8. Glen Raisbeck says:

    Hi Bob , Are you the bob that was a painter with me in the early 1990s in GEF , Jim Nicol was our sargeant.