Fred’s first XS project


Started with this 1973 donor bike from my brother-in-law and just started ripping it apart and hoping I could get it back together one day.  I did almost everything in my garage with a cutting wheel / grinder and spray paint.  My buddy welded on a couple straps to mount the seat.  The geometry isn’t quite right for the springs to really work, but i like the looks of them. The tank is big and needs some sort of graphic to break it up some… i’m thinking a spade with a 13 on it or something.

A couple things you can’t see (besides the battery and starter that are no more); i replaced the points with a Boyer Bransden Micro Power electronic ignition, the carbs are new mikuni sliders which of course replaced the vacuum style stock carbs.


To eliminate the battery I had to install a permanent magnet alternator system.  A guy on eBay sells a nice bracket he fabs to mount the new stator from a GSXR 750 (which is now stationary) and then used a Banshee flywheel and a Goldwing regulator/rectifier.  There are plenty of options for all 3 components that make up this 3 phase system.


Not sure how long I’ll keep this bike or if I start other XS projects, but this was cool and had fun transforming it. Thanks to all on this site that inspired me to tackle this project after seeing their great creations.



  1. kermel says:

    Let me be the first to congratulate you on this bike !
    I like how you cleaned up the bike

    Your photos depict what I will be doing in the first stage of changing my bike.
    There should be a way to lower ” the tail section ” without using a hardtail frame.

    I think that also would be a nice addtion to your bike. Of course to each it’s own.

    Once again nicely done !

    Grtz from Belgium (Limburg)

  2. Will says:

    Really clean! I really dont understand why people put a springer seat on a bike that has shocks. But Ok. Whatever floats your boat.

  3. RightSaidFred says:

    I replaced the stock shocks with short 9.5″ shocks and slid the forks up to the bars to lower the bike overall.

    I just like the looks of the springer seat. it’s really not functional in this case.

    Thanks for the comments. Glad to be a part of this site with truly amazing bikes. Bravo to all.

  4. 6thof7thgarcia says:

    Love the black out look

  5. stinkfinger says:

    I usually like hardtail bobbers as a personal preference, but I can see why some people go the strict utility route. Basic wheels. It’s all you need.

  6. stinkfinger says:

    Plus it saves you like $900 over having a frame made from scratch…

  7. PILKY says:

    I love this bike!.. this is exactly what im going for. How are you finding just the rear brake for stopping. i have those same bars and i think a master cylinder is way to much going on. i also dont want to take for ever to stop

  8. xsblue says:

    nice bike. do you have the name of the guy who makes the brakets?

  9. RightSaidFred says:

    stopping is fine with rear brake only. downshifting helps, just be sure to “blip” the throttle to match the revs. it takes me a stop or two before i stopped grabbing for the front brake. i ride a dirt bike too (yz250f) so it’s weird not having it there on my xs.

    I bought the bracket for the MPA from eBay Seller “mrriggs”. is another place i bought a number of parts from. good prices!

  10. PILKY says:

    did you have to get costom lenth cables for your throttle and clutch?. or all stock?

  11. RightSaidFred says:

    the clutch is stock length and i got the “2 into 1” throttle cable from for the new slider carbs.

  12. migustigus says:

    Dude.. Thats Great. Very clean, great job!

  13. norm younger says:

    love the bars