Dirty D’s Chopp Shop

This bike started out as a 1978 xs650 special with 16k miles and the build time was approximately 6 months. Dirty D hardtailed the frame using a TCBros weld-on rigid hardtail frame section that incorporates 3 inches of stretch and 5 inches of ground clearance, which gives the bike a very balanced look and stance.

Dirty D also did all of the fabrication on this bike.
He trimmed some serious fat and reshaped the top motor mount. (Dirty is like a plastic surgeon for old run down bikes hahaha)  He fabricated the brake pivot and linkage, rear brake support, battery box, headlight bracket, all of the mounting tabs, and fabricated one hell of a nice set of mid controls and one kick ass exhaust system. Oh enough all ready the man can fabricate anything…..

Dirty D decided that this 650 engine was just too beautiful to hide so he decided to Frisco the tank and really show off the cool looking motor that makes the Six Fiddy so unique!

As most of you probably noticed there is no fake oil bag hiding all of the electrical work. Dirty decided to do something a little different and shoot for that really clean open look, hiding all of the electrical underneath the bike, mounting the ignition and coils to the cross member.

This bike is over the top bad ass!!! The paint is just crazy and has tons of details, pictures don’t do it justice. Another outstanding paint job by Heston.

The seat came out very nice as well and was hand crafted by Troy Gibbs Custom Leather. The lower legs were shaved to give the front end a nice clean look, those were done by Vicious.

Well I hope you enjoy!!!

El Tigre


  1. Sean from boston says:

    Very nice interview! Great looking bike!!!

  2. El Tigre says:

    Dig The Ride!!!

  3. Ol Skool says:

    I got to see this bike evolve from street bike to custom and everytime I would say WOW thats cool.

  4. Diablo says:

    Good article, nice bike. Real good lines from front to back

  5. Fabbastard says:

    Great color choices

  6. Big D says:

    Nice bike.

  7. Shooter says:

    That bike is off the hook!! coolest 650 ive ever seen!! I want one!! Awesome work Dirty D!! My next scoot i know who to call!!

  8. EL Tortuga says:

    That is a sick bike, Dirty D is Da maan! I can’t wait to do some cruzzin next to EL Tigre sometime soon! Dirty D is a genius at taking old scoots and transforming them into crazy sick rides. Great Job Dirty D. Great interview and article!

  9. Ted says:

    Nice article Tony. First entry in the frame giveaway. The window bars look pretty good and I dig the paint.. Looking at the bike from the rear it’s cool how the exhaust pipes flow.

  10. can-am lady says:

    Great looking bike. Makes me want to have Dirty build me a cool bike too!!
    Can’t wait to see EL Tortuga’s bike.

  11. Kooter says:

    The article explains lots & the bike just speaks for it self. (Great jobs guys!)

  12. Juice says:

    Nice interview, lovin the paint

  13. Max says:

    Anyone know what kind of bars these are? This is exactly the look i’m going for with my chop.

  14. mookie says:

    want to sell the any of the stock parts??

  15. hooversama says:

    Nice color.