Brew city bobber


This is a 1980 xs that I got for free off of craigslist. At first I was going to keep it simple and build a cafe out of it but inspiration struck and I built this little bobber.


I didn’t have a pipe bender so I packed the tubes with sand,heated them with a rosebud and bent them around forms. The electrical box was fabbed from an oil filter housing from a 49 merc.


Tank, fender and seat were all ebay items. Made a frame jig from scrap steel. It just goes to show that some simple garage equipment is all it takes.

Brian Sulla


  1. IOC says:

    You gotta be happy with that mate… well done ;0)

  2. Geezerman says:

    NIce !!!

  3. reynoldburton says:

    normally drop frames aren´t my cup of tea – but in that case it looks real good! Nice low & aggressive stance overall. Well done!

  4. Mick says:

    What kind of front tire is That?

  5. Fabbastard says:

    Is that red primer and lettering enamel? Cool Bike

  6. frank grc says:

    dont u just love the imagination of people,who cant afford real tools, simple garage bikes are the best. i love your bike bro keep up the good ideas

  7. Lies and Distortions says:

    Nice paint on the tank. Should make for a nice summer night ride.

  8. big mikey d says:

    Im an so so mech. with a 82 xs650 wanting to do fuel injection searched high and low in the internet for a direction.. now i come to you for advice.

  9. visimpact says:


  10. Brian Sulla says:

    Thanks for the compliment guys. I just love to show people that a torch,welder,grinder and a little imagination is all it takes.

  11. Chris N says:

    I like it! the rake… exhaust…frame. good work!

  12. Robbo says:

    Ok that gave me a bikerection! Hot stuff I really really like this…The whole look and stance of it is perfection..

  13. jimmy noppen says:

    yea, Brian is the man!! im lovin it, cant wait for his next creation….might buy that one also…lol

  14. Brian Sulla says:

    Jimmy Noppen that commented on this bike bought it from me and had the lettering and pin striping done.

  15. Jeff says:

    The line of the bike is great …

  16. Dillrepair says:

    Hey man where are you located in mke… I am in riverwest… Always working on my 650.. Would love to have some help with engine or fab work if you have the time or go for a ride… I brew my own beer so you’re always welcome to a cold one.