Aussie Bobber (work in progress)


I bought my 1980 special from a mate who had the best intentions of building a bobber but time was not on his side so i bought the bike about a year ago and got to work. To start with i stripped it down and got rid of the usual junk and got to cutting back the rear end to pieces, once that was done i fabricated the new seat rail (flat bar bent to the shape of the seat pan) and sub frame.


I mounted the sportster tank with new mounts and gave the engine a bit of a touch up so all i have left to go is to mount headlight, blinkers, forward controls(on order from TC bros choppers) and the rear gaurd.



I`m using a set of moto x bars just for now but am actually growing to like the way they look. once its all back together and ready to go i will tidy up the wires cables etc, oh and i am going with a battery eliminator just to keep it light and have less wires.


This is my first crack at a build so far so comments please let me know what you think.

Matty bob


  1. Puker says:

    Looks really good for a first build. Pretty nice for any build. In the end, you’re the one riding the bike so make it feel good to you. That’s what matters most. That and riding the hell out of it!

  2. Ben says:

    That looks awesome, I like the bars too

  3. Sean from boston says:

    The moto bars look good great looking bike so far keep it up!

  4. rM says:

    Really like the back end and overall profile. I am hoping to get my first build going sometime soon and this is very similar to the direction I want to take. Nice stuff!

  5. fanoboss says:


  6. fanoboss says:

    Keep the Moto bars.

  7. Joe says:

    Pretty sweet alternative to the weld on hardtails. Lower seat rail made the look!

  8. fanoboss says:

    aussies’ are freakin awesum

  9. matty bob says:

    @gman, i live in orange nsw where abouts are you and what sort of bike are you building from

  10. rozz says:

    That’s the cleanest garage I’ve ever seen.

  11. zeno says:

    nice bro.
    Im in SA building a sr5oo brat bob but come here for inspiration.

    very noice.

  12. Robbo says:

    Matty mate… whats your plans for the seat rails? cant make any out in your pics.. Im on the Gold Coast building a brat 79 xs650 thinking of custom making some drop seat rails.. will see how it progress,s from there..

  13. Capt_Zoom says:

    Ditto on the seat rails. Got any pics with the seat off? From what I can dell you just ran a bar straight back from the backbone to meet the one between your shocks. Am I correct?

    I like the profile and seat shape. I’m building something similar with a nice low drop seat shooting for 22 inch seat for my wife.

  14. matty bob says:

    @capt_zoom and robbo

    Got it in one ran it straight from the backbone to the rail that joins the two rear rails, its something a bit different to what i have seen anywhere else and i dig it, hoping it will look sweet when the seat is upholstered

  15. Capt_Zoom says:

    The seat setup definitely interests me. Very creative. Would be a lot easier than what I’m doing. Could you show a few more pics of it from the side but from a lower perspective. Like maybe hold the camera at seat level.

    Do you think you’ll have a tippy seat?

  16. Gerry says:

    Very good looking lines and center of gravity. I would watch the rear shock mounts for evidence of fatigue very closely. As for the bars I’m shocked I haven’t seen more on other bikes. Used to be the preference for the faster ridin bikes decades ago. Moslty the local flat track nuts. Yah…keep the bars.

  17. fanoboss says:

    What;s your dobie’s name?

  18. fanoboss says:

    @billybobber, what’s a “donk”? where is daisy ? LOL

  19. billybobber says:

    Donk=motor, old Aussie slang, Daisy Hill is between Brisbane and gold Coast.

  20. Matt says:

    Im trying to do the same kind of “brat” style. I ran into a couple problems with my 78 xs500. I figured i would have the same frame as a xs650, so Im tryign to figure it all out

  21. ratzass57 says:

    i love it, very clean and killer lines. i really like the low profile while keeping the swingarm and shocks.

  22. fanoboss says:

    Thanks billybobber. : )>

  23. JohnBoy says:

    I’ve got an xs eleven, and as you may know it’s a burly bike! I stand 5’5″, so I just wanted to say that the seat mods you did are awesome. I’m probably gonna do a rip-off of it! Thanks, and good job on your scoot. Keep on Wrenching!

  24. JohnBoy says:

    How much travel do you get in the rear end? , and what is your seat height in the picture? In Imperial measurements please!

  25. norm younger says:

    Great bike i like the frame mods.

  26. tom says:

    any dramas getting road worthys with the frame mods?