100% Proof 79 xs650 (first build)


It started as a $45 rolling turd pulled from a scrap pile, motor turned over had some redneck compression, so i loaded it up. me and my 6 yr old son tore all the ugly shit off. He had an absolute blast and has helped a ton during the build, picked up a mustang tank at a garage sale, cut a little over 3 inches out of the middle and added a small tunnel.


Picked up and old 50s fog light from a junk picker, and took all the dents out and then figured out it was chromed brass so the bike is now going to have a few brass items on it. built the hardtail myself and the bars myself, rolled the seat pan out of some thick ass metal with a BFH and some soft ground in the backyard, built my own seat hinge, removed upper motor mount, trying to find some spoked wheels, with a rear drum. jockey shift ,foot clutch. shaving fork legs. doin the banshee swap with the pamco setup.


Got a knarly old 30s plow handle from the picker that ima use for the jockey handle. plan on useing a stock front fender on the rear, seems like a good standard. Completely open to questions, comments, criticism  let me know what ya think..

Thanks for lookin..  Pierre, SD

Ryan Ellerton


  1. Rozz says:

    Looks like it’s gonna look pretty cool. Why don’t you cut a couple of inches off the handlebars and make them a little more narrow? May look better. I don’t know. Just a suggestion.

  2. Jonathond says:

    I agree With Rozz about the bars. Looks like your gonna have a nice bike. If you were closer I’d trade you a set old spoked wheels I have with the rear drum. But I’m in Canada

  3. miller0613 says:

    I have a rear spoke w drum you can have for shipping post up some contact info and i’ll get it to ya. I think its great you are building it with you son

  4. Sodakmini says:

    Thanks guys… im going to skinny the bars up a few inches,,im really undecided on shortening the bars i love the feel, not thrilled by the look..if i did lower them i would only do it by an inch or so.. and miller is that rear wheel a 16″ wheel.?? if so i would love to take you up on that deal…thanks

  5. miller0613 says:

    Sorry its an 18″ but the offer still stands

  6. sean from boston says:

    Thats awesome! I’m glad you and your son are having fun building a bike…. not just any bike.. but a GREAT looking one! not bad looking man keep it up

  7. John says:

    Glad to hear you might be changing up the bars a bit. Think it will help the bike “flow” a lot better. Totally jealous of the headlight. Already planning on using some brass pieces and having issues finding a good looking headlight like that. Gl on the rest of the build!

  8. jeff says:

    looking good…i’m interested to see some more angles of that tank

  9. sodakmini says:

    Thanks for the comments. Decided I’m only going to skinny up the bars a few inches , not going to lower them any, there just too comfy and if I lower them they will be legal and what fun is that. Haha. and I will do some bodywork on the tank and get some more pics up.

  10. Sean from boston says:

    Is that another 650 in the backround? Haha cantwait tosee it done

  11. sodakmini says:

    nah its my buddies kzb1000 chop… been at a bit of a standstill waitin on parts ..but just got a line on my rear wheel, and some of the banshee swap parts so should start again soon…

  12. norm younger says:

    I like the lines any updated pics.