Month: February 2011

Yamaha XS650 Exhaust Kit

The TC Bro just came out with a DIY exhaust kit specifically for the XS650. I got mine in the mail yesterday. The Kit has a grip of pieces including 2 flanges and collars to fit your stock XS650 head, 2 mandrel bent 90 degree...

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The “Apprentice” 1972 xs650

This bike is a long time coming and is now complete. I spend the duration of my metal fabrication apprenticeship building it. I made many changes over the years and If i were to make another I would do it totally different,...

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Streettracker for sale

Regretably, I have to sell my 650. Changing jobs and need to be able to pay for COBRA benefits for the family. Ground up rebuild, new frame and wheel bearings and seals. Bronze bushings, tapered roller steering bearings, braced...

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Hello. It is the motorcycle which I Customized by myself. I become the offence when I change it into a hardtail in Japan. Therefore I try hard to make it a cool motorcycle even if I get suspension. In addition, I update a...

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