This is my Yamaha XS650, but as the name sorta conveys, is it is built with parts from all the Japanese brands. The frame and engine are obviously Yamaha with a TC Brothers hardtail. The rims came from a Kawasaki KZ650C and are “16 rear, and “19 front. The tank is from a Honda CL77(305) scrambler. The rear fender is a front from a Suzuki  cruiser of some sort. I built the girder fork myself from plans found and downloaded from the Internet.


I found the engine and frame together at my local MC junkyard, and paid $75.00 for it. I guesstimate having around $2500.00 invested so far. I did all the welding, painting, and assembly myself. I did a topend overhaul, including boring the cylinders 1st over size. I stripped the electric starter stuff out and made my own block off plate. Overall I’m pretty happy with the outcome. I need to find a leather bag to fill in behind the carbs. Something to carry a few tools and my registration.

Ben Reynolds

xs650 Bandana
xs650 mug
xs650 tanktop
xs650 long sleeve