VM Carb Caps – Finned Exhaust Flanges

New Products from LC Fabrications.

New quality parts from LCFabrications, Carb caps for Mikuni VM series carbs that screw on and Yamaha xs650 Finned Exhaust Pipe Flanges.


Carb caps for Mikuni VM series carbs.

Available In solid Bass or Aluminum in polished finish. Featuring a new gasket, these screw right in place of your stock carb tops.  Two different sizes are available, fitment for a VM30 – VM34 or a VM36 – VM38. A very nice touch of class for your Mikuni VM Carbs. Includes new die cut Viton Gasket and are 100% Made in the USA, right down to the Packaging!  Available through LC Fabrications or Lowbro.

xs650 Finned Exhaust Pipe Flanges

Yamaha xs650 Finned Exhaust Pipe Flanges

These LCF finned aluminum flanges feature an exclusive split-bushing design which allows installation from the manifold end of the pipe. Studs/nuts not included. It’s a great setup if you have custom headers that are difficult to install. Flanges fit over the headers end and make taking your pipes off and on easy– Plus they look nice.  Get some @ Lowbrow and LC Fabrications.

If you haven’t already checked out the 2010/06/lc-fabrications-xs-chicken-salad bike.


  1. Barney says:

    What’s the price tag on the caps?

  2. Mike says:

    From Lowbrow… Each + s/h

    VM30-34 : 45$
    VM36-38 : 49$

    VM30-34 : 55$
    VM36-38 : 59$

  3. josh says:

    Can we get an up close view of them installed?

  4. aaron wallace says:

    Thats a very cool chopper! Does anyone know who put that together and if any of those parts can be bought like the seat/fender? My dad is about to chop another 650 and would like to try something like this.

  5. Ted says:

    @ aaron wallaceIf- you haven’t already check out https://www.xs650chopper.com/2010/06/lc-fabrications-xs-chicken-salad

    email Jeremy at contact@lcfabrications.com

  6. Mikey G says:

    I bought a set of the exhaust flanges, but they don’t seem to work with my TC Bros Exhaust builder’s kit. The flanges seem like they are too large in dia. Has anyone used these two set-ups together before? If so, what the hell am I doing wrong? Right now I am back to just the flanges that came w/ the builders kit, but I still would like to dress up the fart holes w/ the LC Fab ones if I can.

  7. rohrbach85 says: