Tenacious Xs 3


It’s cold out, really cold, but at least i have the bike to work on. This is my 3rd post and it finally is taking shape. Kinda of a street tracker/cafe lowrider.  The bike still needs a lot of work and a few more parts but i have the rest of winter to figure that out. Some of the things i have done so far is; shorten the seal loop, fabricate a seat pan/fender, kinda give it a street tracker look.


Make new shock mounts add rebel shocks , clip on bars, tc bros wiring harness. I hammered the tank for some knee indents. and other stuff.


All the work was done by myself with basic hand tools and i little mig welder.   I still need to repaint the whole bike, clean the frame/powder coat it and tune it up. It runs decent right now i actually drove it around in the snow, summer seems way too far away.


Hopefully i’ll get pics of my other xs on soon, i’m hoping to keep one kinda stock and take it to the track.


Stock sucks though. anyways i’ll try to keep representing from the great white north. (Alberta, Canada)



  1. Geezerman says:

    Yeah, stock sucks !!!
    This baby looks righteous !!

  2. Rusty Nutz says:

    Just tuck your snowshoes under your arm and you’re good to go!

  3. Rusty Nutz says:

    Good idea with the tank. Finally somebody has found a way to make a stock tank look decent. Stock tanks are fugly IMO. Some people like them, but I sure don’t.

  4. Rusty Nutz says:

    I heard about a guy who sat on an ice cube up in Canada, and he got Polaroids. So be careful.

  5. chris says:

    i think i know that guy;) i’ll be careful. as for the snowshoes, i should fab a rack for them. i should stud my other set of tires too.

  6. Sean from boston says:

    I’ve seen all 3 posts this bike is really comming. Togather looking great

  7. Nice work dishing the tank. Is that a tough thing to do? Dig the tail piece on the seat pan.

  8. chris says:

    the tank was dished with a basic auto body hammer. i made a cardboard template, traced around it both sides, then worked(hammered) my way out from the centre until i had what i wanted. then matched it on the other side. took about 24 hours to build the courage and about an hour to actually do. not many parts bikes if i f’ed it up around here…… not tough to do. thanks all for the positive comments so far!!


    The tank really is cool . Got the look of a old TRIUMP that is what i though it was at first. GREAT JOB LOOKS LIKE YOU ARE ON THE WAY FOR A COOL BIKE

  10. guill says:

    very nice!!

  11. fanoboss says:

    Cool Bike !

  12. Tommy says:


  13. Jonathond says:

    Your bike looks awesome, sweet stance! Where in Alberta are you? I’m in wetaskiwin, about a half hour south of Edmonton

  14. Fabbastard says:

    Ya Chris lookin good! But there are at least two places between E town and Cow town that you can look for more bikes/parts. I figured one of you Ab. guys would of found them by now…..

  15. chris says:

    Which places in particular? i know of a few but , the parts either are expensive or have garbage. this summer i will have to tour around and find them i guess. i’m mostly around calgary and they really want to take advantage of someone when it comes to xs’s. seriously if you have any insight on any basket cases hook a fella up.

  16. Fabbastard says:

    There is one place not to far from Renolds near the auto museum. Now the where exactly I can’t tell you but it was there when I was doing graphics for the opening of said museum (a million yrs ago) but I have it on good account that the guy was still doing the bike collecting/selling thing as recently as 2-3yrs ago (if you find him don’t mention you chop things or he’ll tell you to hit the bricks….) And the other one is just off the hwy between Red Deer and Cow town. I haven’t lived in Ab. for along time but I visit so my memory is kinda iffy lol. But One is reached off of #2 and the other off 2A You live there so this ought to give you at least a fighting chance of finding them. I will probably be in Ab in the summer so if you find these guys keep me posted, and if you don’t I’ll have a look myself and do the same!
    Also a helpful note: when I go parts/bike hunting I don’t take my slammed or painted up vehicles I take my crappy rusted out van…..For some reason I seem to get crappier service but substancially better prices.. go figure… You are in red-neck counry so I’m sure u know this already???

  17. Rusty Nutz says:

    It’s called Wetaskiwin because it’s too hard to spell Wetatobogganwin.

  18. Sean says:

    Is that Calgary or Edmonton snow? It looks familiar. 🙂 (From Calgary)

  19. chris says:

    its actually prairie snow from a small central alberta town;) It’s where i have a place to work on my bikes. I live in calgary tho.

  20. Mister says:

    Bike looks awesome! Great job on the indents on the tank and fender detail on the seat.

  21. Boris says:

    Chris, Nice ride!! When you say basic autobody hammer. Can you elaborate?? Are you talking about round head hammer with a curved surface? How did you get the surface to be so smooth without using a dolly on the inside? Filler? Thanks.

  22. chris says:

    hey boris, yeah just a round broad body hammer. i think bondo brand makes one very similar to what i use. there is no filler in the indents, i just spent some time gently tapping in the highs. i did use a couple of coats of high fill primer with sanding between each coat. in person it does have a textured look, but very minimal. i kind of like it that way. Hope that helps.

  23. Fabbastard says:

    KMS here in Canada sells rounded convex rubber mallets (in different sizes ) that work pretty good too

  24. fanoboss says:

    Love the tank.

  25. HAPPY DAN says:

    Nice seat pan,the tank is cool too..

  26. hooversama says:

    yeah, what a difference a tail and some indents make……..looks great.

  27. GRTFLDDhead says:

    this bike has so much spirit in it, beautiful motor art ‘s all I see

  28. norm younger says:

    Great looking bike.

  29. 3Deuce27 says:

    Spikes in the tires and spikes in the seat will have your ass flying over the ice. Man, I can’t wait till the lake freezes over… Yee! Haw!

  30. Phil says:

    where did you get cafe style seat with a tail like that? looks awesome!

  31. Chris Newman says:

    thanks phil. i made the seat pan/tail,the seat loop is shortened as well. it’s all steel, im currently experimenting with fiberglass for seat pans/tail sections at the moment and i’ll have some pics up soon.