silver and bobbed


I submitted a photo a while ago but I have updated the bike since. On the first ride I had a rear tire clearance issue and damaged the paint on the fender, hence the stripe……. I also found the seating position too tight (I’m about 6’3″). On my lathe I shaved some solid 1″ Alum bar down for a straight bar and moved the pegs ahead about 4.


I think it should be a little more comfortable. On that first ride I did about 80 miles and the only mech issue was losing a bolt off the shift linkage (Loctite Mark……Loctite). I robbed a screw off my license plate and all was good!

mark Bailey


  1. tadd442 says:

    license plate bolts are overrated anyway….the paint looks crisp!

  2. Sean from boston says:

    Bitchen bike refreshing to see the stock tank sometimes

  3. Geezerman says:

    Nice !!!

  4. Matt says:

    Great bike- Crisp, clean, simple! I agree- I like the stock tanks. Did you eliminate the petcocks? and can you describe the fender problem you had in more detail. I am planning to add a fender w/o fairings. And are your Handle Bars custom made or ordered? If ordered from who?


  5. tadd442 says:

    @ Matt…he stated in his write up that he made the bars…

  6. Joshua Rasmussen says:

    Nice and clean

  7. Matt says:

    Thanks- Missed that!

  8. mark bailey says:

    You just have to be sure you have at least 1″ between your fender and tire. I run about 15lbs in the rear to help soften the hardtail like a lot of guys do and at higher speeds the tire can “grow” a great deal. (I proved that).
    Thanks for all the comments, Mark

  9. vern sowers says:

    very nice i like the sliver and black together look good and it is nice to see the stock tank on it most of them look out of place i think your is the frist one i seen on the bobers were it look right great job and keep up with the builds

  10. norm younger says:

    Great colors. allways looks good