Project XS650 Bobber – Video 5.1

I called this update version 5.1 instead of 6 because technically the project finished at video 5 as that’s when I got the bike finished and registered for the road. I made this video because the look of the bike has changed significantly since the last video. the changes are pretty much a direct result of me fine tuning the look of the bike to my own preferred style.

Man, I love this bike. I’d rather be seen on this bike which I built with my own hands than some modern styled kit chopper that I handed over a wad of cash for. thunzie


  1. Fabbastard says:

    Holy Sheet Ship!!! Great Freekin Job

  2. ben says:

    I love it, the steel looks great !

  3. Robert says:

    Niiiice,,,,,now I just wish mine would get posted….been two weeks now…chuckle chuckle

  4. IOC says:

    Go work buddy… gotta be happy with that… give us a vid rollin down the Hway… :0)

  5. guill says:

    dude! i really love what you did with this bike!! from the sound of you, you must be a kiwi, or an ozzie.. are you down there? i expect to get mine looking like this someday.. i´m in guatemala.. i´ll post some fotos eventualy.

  6. steve96mc says:

    Bike looks great but did you know the steering wheel on your car is on the wrong side?

  7. DADDYG says:

    Very clean and nice. I like the all steel look also gives the bike the old school look.Little cafe mirror fits the build too. NICE CHOP

  8. daz says:

    cool bike love the bars good to see a oz on the site

  9. Chris says:

    Hi Mate I’m in Queensland and just wondering where your mate got the z bars I love the look . I have a Harley bobber and would like some for my bike cheers Chris

  10. Thunzie says:

    Hi folks. I found this here page on a Google search, this is my video! haha, but I didn’t post it here… Seems someone named Tom did.. so thanks Tom 🙂 Anyway it was great to read all these great comments about my bike, thanks guys! To the guy who asked – Yes, I’m an Aussie. To the other guy who asked – those bars are from Lowbrow Customs (Google it) and the bars are called ‘Keystone’. For what it’s worth I’m working on a very cool ‘slip-on’ sissy bar setup which will allow me to strap a sleeping bag, tent, etc behind me for trips to bike shows, rallys etc. The idea is to make it such that there will be no bolts, so that I can simply lift it off the bike all in one piece with all my swag still strapped to it when I arrive at my destination. After that, a set of slip-on highway pegs for comfort on the longer rides that I can easily remove when I get to bike shows where I want to enter the bike in the show but don’t necessarily want those forward pegs to be on the bike when it’s being showed. Rock on brothers!! Cheers, from Down under 🙂