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First the Hornet, Now the Betts Special



how fast can you afford to go?

You might remember my last XS650… The Hornet. Well, this XS650 Heritage Special is a bike that belongs to it’s original owner who bought it new in 1980, rode the crap out of it, melted the engine (quite literally) and forgot about it for 10 years. My plan (and the owner agreed) was to make it an extra-special… which is basically a stock-ish looking bike with some much needed performance upgrades. Continue Reading →

Thomas – ’79 xs650 Bobber



This is the first build that i’ve done. It’s a 1979 xs650. I decided to build a bobber after watching my dad build one the summer before. After looking for a while I found this bike for sale on craigslist (it was stock). The bike was stretched and lowered three inches using a weld on hard tail. Continue Reading →

Curvey frame – Holiday customs 76 xs 650



It all started with a 76 yamaha xs 650 that I purchased for $400, It ran and was in good overall condition. Over a couple months I had been thinking of how I wanted this thing to look. I really like the lines on schwinn cruiser bicycles , flowing with curves. Collected the parts over time and sat and stared at the frame for hours. The bike took me around three months to complete. I bent the metal and welded up the hardtail only to find out it needed to be lower, so I cut it off and started over. I didn’t want any regrets with this build so I took my time to make the bike of my dreams. Found a hap jones tank online with some awesome rust on it. Continue Reading →

Mustang Sally



This is my 1983 xs650.  This bike started out as a junkyard bike with nothing but a frame and a motor.  I cleaned the frame of everything and a friend of mine built the hardtail.  I fabbed up all the controls and built it just the way I liked it. I then disassembled everything and started powdercoating it.   Continue Reading →

blizzard ride 2010 Sidecar xs650


Fong Style with Buell Inlay



Try to use some imagination if you will, I’ve been working on this bike for some time now. I’ll try to post pics with the motor, exhaust and other peripherals soon, just too much to do and so little time to do it. Continue Reading →