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Busch Bros. XS650 updated



Hey Ted, thought I’d send in some updated pics of the bike. Since the last feature I switched the grips to White GT’s, Avon Venom whitewall front an old IRC whitewall on back, pinstriped the seat, and added a Mike’s oil cooler.   Continue Reading →

Elswick Cycles custom xs650 for sale



Jamie Elswick of Elswick Cycles is selling has XS650.

Jamie- “I wanted to finish it but need the cash to go towards another vehicle as my engine blew up yesterday.

Up for sale is my custom 1980 Yamaha xs650 built by Elswick Cycles. I started on the bike a couple years ago and lost interest due to other projects. If someone local buys the bike we can help you finish it. All incomplete work will be finished when the bike sells. The gas tank will be mounted and any parts on the frame that are tacked will be welded. No other parts will be included..I’ll just finish what is already there. Continue Reading →

Toddy’s xs650 bobber



Built this about 5yrs ago from parts from variouse swap meets. Continue Reading →




This is my Yamaha XS650, but as the name sorta conveys, is it is built with parts from all the Japanese brands. The frame and engine are obviously Yamaha with a TC Brothers hardtail. The rims came from a Kawasaki KZ650C and are “16 rear, and “19 front. The tank is from a Honda CL77(305) scrambler. The rear fender is a front from a Suzuki  cruiser of some sort. I built the girder fork myself from plans found and downloaded from the Internet. Continue Reading →

XS650 Banshee Charging System Swap



Hack the xs650 yamaha charging system –

The banshee alternator swap

Ted- The xs650 charging system is the weak link in a otherwise bulletproof machine. I know a number of guys have successfully run a Yamaha banshee magneto alternator in place of the stock OEM charging system with no problems. I’ve run this particular set up on my Bike for the past year. A little over a year ago Hugh sent in some pictures of his rephased-xs650-chopper which also runs the banshee alternator setup. Hugh put this article together on how to do the The banshee alternator swap.

Hugh- Your stock charging system WILL FAIL YOU at some point, and it is $$$$ to fix, and you’ll likely have trouble again. The stock XS650 charging system is terrible for many reasons. It requires nearly 40 Amps just to “Turn-On” the system. Sucks for almost dead batteries. It won’t charge at idle and uses a brushed alternator style system – Charging requires contact of moving parts. Continue Reading →

Cantilevered Mid controls for the XS650



Mid control conversion.

There are a number of different foot peg configurations that work well. Most of the mid control conversion for the xs650 that I’ve seen involve bolting or welding to the bottom frame rail. I really dig having the exhaust pipes flow along the bottom rail of the frame so bolting or welding to the bottom rail wasn’t something I wanted to do. I set out to make a set of mid controls using the original pegs to look factory. I played around with a dozen different configurations before coming up with this cantilevered Mid controls setup. I have never seen anyone run anything similar to this cantilever Mid control. Continue Reading →