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el travieso



This is the 3rd time i have rebuilt this bike! The first time it had a cb750, second time was a pumped up xs650 that shook like crazy, this time it has a stock xs650 with only 3200 original miles. Continue Reading →

XS 650 from Jp



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Win Free Banshee Charging brackets.



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74 TX650A Bobber



Done so far – 1974 Yamaha TX650A, TC Bros hardtail, 7 Metal West rear fender, Narrowed Sporty tank, 18″ rear with a Firestone 4.50, 21″ front with a speedmaster, handmade seat pan, Monster chain tensioner, 40’s Fog light used for headlight, E-Bome tank, and custom exhaust. Continue Reading →

diamond in the rough



Father Son project. Bought Two Bikes, working one at a time. replaced the whole back half ourselves with our tube bender and wielder. We have bought very little. Engine is rephased. Pops was the genius behind that one. Continue Reading →

silver and bobbed



I submitted a photo a while ago but I have updated the bike since. On the first ride I had a rear tire clearance issue and damaged the paint on the fender, hence the stripe……. I also found the seating position too tight (I’m about 6’3″). On my lathe I shaved some solid 1″ Alum bar down for a straight bar and moved the pegs ahead about 4. Continue Reading →