Mustang Sally


This is my 1983 xs650.  This bike started out as a junkyard bike with nothing but a frame and a motor.  I cleaned the frame of everything and a friend of mine built the hardtail.  I fabbed up all the controls and built it just the way I liked it. I then disassembled everything and started powdercoating it.  


The wheels, the frame and the front end are coated by me.  I then went to polishing the motor and shaving and polishing the lower fork legs.



I put some whitewalls and a red ostrich seat on the thing.  I drive it everywhere and it gets a ton of attention.

Brad Stewart


  1. HAPPY DAN says:

    Like the red and silver combo,cool pipes

  2. BIG JOHN says:

    good looking bike, i would only change one thing

  3. fanoboss says:

    wasn’t this bike posted before?

  4. Joshua Rasmussen says:

    Good build,love the rear section plates. Cleans up nice.

  5. sean from boston says:

    looks good as long as you like thats all that matters

  6. mark says:

    I own this bike now. Since I have had it I hooked up the electric starter (had to change out the ignition), so it has both kick and electric start now, and I added an light kit. Still looks the same. Gets tons of attention. I have it for sale though if anyone is interested. 512 809 2362.