First build. so far…


I was given a 1979 xsg by a client of mine and decided to jump in with both feet…. Picked uo the bars, tank, and seat from a guy locally for next to nothing. lots left to do but making progress. 


Hopefull I’ll be able to get some work done this weekend and post some new pics..



  1. sean from boston says:

    did it come hard tailed already? man i wish i had your luck! Great start and from the bikes in the back your part of a hard core biker gang! ride safe and enjoy the freedom

  2. Fabbastard says:

    Nice start! What kinda bars?

  3. Joshua Rasmussen says:

    It’s got good lines to become one badass bike

  4. NativeSkillz says:

    damn sweet bike keep up the good work and keep us updated i would like to see it done…

  5. fanoboss says:

    Coolness. Please keep us updated.

  6. frank grc says:

    looks awesome man great start!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to see up dates

  7. Andy Larmouth says:

    lookin’ great so far!

  8. Gigantic Balls of Glory says:

    I’ve been back a couple of times to look at that tank. Nice aged patina. Nice old seat, too.

  9. Morgan says:

    I like this alot, as basic as it is. Tilt that sissy bar back just a touch to match the bottom angle on the hard tail and that’ll look tits.

  10. Ironhead says:

    Really like that tank.
    Nothing like the looks of a skinny Sportster gas bag…

  11. jason says:

    Thanks all. It did not come hartailed…TC Bros…Picked up the tank, bars, and seat from a guy locally. $60 for all three! super deal. all vintage 70’s stuff. not sure of the bars, just 1″ z’s. Now the seat on the other hand was a special treat…. I has now idea when I picked it up that it was an original Bates seat, sticker still on the bottom, all origaina with not a single tear or crack in the white leather.. wound up putting it up on ebay… Lasted 2 hours and sold for $600 to a guy in the UK. paid for almost all the part I needed to finsh up the mock up… now I just need the time. Heating up the Garage right now to get some welding done.. post more picks soon..

  12. Ironhead says:

    Congrats on the seat!!! Nice find, I’ve seen them go for over $800 in worse shape.

  13. Russ says:

    Awsom deal on the seat-this look will never get old to me, I really love that tank . I think you should run it like that.

  14. Stupendous Gonads of Freedom says:

    I knew I liked that seat for a reason…

  15. HAPPY DAN says:

    Good deal on the seat man,thats sweet!Keep up the great work!

  16. Jason says:

    So, I kinda dropped off for a while on the build… but have in the past few months been crackin away on it.. here is how she sits today… getting there in turtle fashion… Hope to have everything done an ready by late spring…