Finished project


I finished this project mid last year. Including the bike purchase, I had $2800 wrapped up in her. Did most the work myself. The bike sold for $3000 less than 1 month after build.



I miss it but on to the next project. Hope you like it….the guy who bought did! The last picture was the skeleton after strip down. Took about 3 months to complete.





  1. Joshua Rasmussen says:

    10 on color.10 on the lines of flow .10 on the pipes.
    Good job!!!!

  2. fanoboss says:

    Joshua Rasmussen comments are dead on ! Great build. What type of front end is that ? Wide Glide maybe?


    You gave it away. Make more you got talent Dude

  4. fanoboss says:

    @ DADDYGCYCLES ,I would’ve put it in the $3800-4000 range, what were you thinking?

  5. Nick says:

    The front end was actually from an older 3 wheel atv polished. The spacers had to be hand made to accomidate the front wheel. I know I gave it away but it might have needed new rings in the near future and didn’t want to put anymore money in it. I will miss it though. The paint was a metal flake rattle can which turned out great. Thanks for the comments. Nick

  6. Hans from Holland says:

    Wow, great lines !!! Two things; why not a topmotormount and the place of the jiffy seems not ideal to me. But a nice build, Nick.

  7. Fabbastard says:

    Yup the things you can do w rattle cans…You had a nice one there Nick and ya what happened that you didn’t use the top motor mount?


  8. Salty Boogers says:

    Jiffy = jiffy stand = kick stand?

  9. fanoboss says:

    @ Salty Boogers, thanks for the definition of “jiffy”.

  10. fanoboss says:

    Thanks Nick.

  11. Hans from Holland says:

    Thought jiffy was an English word. But what I mean is sidestand, or isn’t that the correct word either? In Holland we speak about the ‘zijstandaard’. Good weekend!

  12. Fabbastard says:

    ty for the “jiffy” def

  13. sean from boston says:

    for sure a looker! great job

  14. fanoboss says:

    LMAO @ Fabbastard !!!!!!

  15. hooversama says:


  16. ryang says:

    great bike… so did you fabricate the exhaust yourself? i love the side hi pipes, don’t see them a lot on the 650’s.. i dig.