I built this bike 6 years ago. I shortened the girder, gusseted the frame, cut off all the stock stuff, added a norton atlas quick release rear hub to a Harley drop center 16″ rim, 21″ spool front wheel.


Made the bars and risers, adapted a competition triumph pop top gas cap to the gas tank, made a new tunnel for the tank, made a stash box to resemble a oil tank, made the steel battery box, made the pipes, made aluminum motor mounts front,top,and,rear, sectioned the fender,made the license plate mount.  I built this bike 5 different ways before I finally go it where I liked it.

I probably had about 150 hours into this bike. Up close you can see all the work… 100 % T.I.G. welded. I sold the bike to a local guy, but I havent seen it around- Im assuming it was sold out of state or whatever.


This bike was built in Van Nuys CA. Thanks

chris hamilton

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