XS650 Motor Patch

XS650 Motor Patch

I received one of these XS650 Motor Patchs the other day from lowbrow customs. The detail work is crazy. It’s a perfect replica and the proportion is nuts on to a XS650 Motor. It is nicely done.


  1. Joshua Rasmussen says:

    That is badass

  2. tadd442 says:

    Ted gets all the cool stuff……

  3. Highspeedhamish says:

    I bought this patch and two shirts. Very very good quality, my buddy who worked in the clothing biz said it would cost more than 5 bux for that patch for their company to make. The shirts are also very nice, heavy cotton and multicolor prints. I bought the XS one of course and a Shovelhead one for a friend.

  4. Tattuder says:

    Insane detail for $5. Lowbrow is rad!