Turbocharged/fuel injected XS650 It runs!

Finally starting my turbocharged and fuel injected XS650 twin. Going over a few things I did since I last posted and starting the engine for a minute or so.




  1. tadd442 says:


  2. Nick says:

    I don’t know what have of that stuff is you described, but that is awesome man! heck of job

  3. Hans from Holland says:

    Wow, that’s awsome Sky !!! Let’s say; Sky is the limit.
    Respect on this project, curious about the final result and performance of course.
    Did you already have a name for the project? SMOKIN’ GUN will do the job…

  4. Migustigus says:

    Nice.. Even in the worst state of tune, that sounds rad. Ok, have a billion questions.. What compression are you running? What cam? Any flowing? Re degree the crank? What turbo have you used? What kind of boost is it set to?

    So apart from that, it looks amazing and i can’t wait to see the finlal result.

  5. Gerry says:

    My oh my! Out of the PARK!

  6. IOC says:

    So you like to tinker…. ;o)

  7. sharkbite says:

    Dude! I think you are my new hero……

  8. eggie says:

    been waiting for you !!! very very cool !!!!and congrats ..