The Relic


Hi, thought i would send a couple of pics of my first bike as it stands. Its a ’79 xs650 with a TC Bros hardtail.

This is my first attempt at a build, and i’m loving making all the parts i can for the bike! Just posted my latest effort – made a leather seap pan from scratch, and been attempting embossing it with my design….

Hope to have her on the road for March next year!

ive gone BIG with the wheels – 19 inch rims, 550 tyres! its gonna be a bit of a beast!


been tracking my progress on a blog:-

The Tinslecat


  1. Ted says:

    Sweet front end.. Did you make the trees or are they salvaged? This thing is going to be burly man.

  2. Geezerman says:

    Looking good.
    Like the ‘hefty’ image it exudes

  3. The Tinslecat says:

    Had the yokes / trees made up for the bike, put pictures if that up on the blog.

    It’s certainly gonna look different!

  4. Dave says:

    Lookin good TC gonna be a right Dirty Bobber 😉

  5. The Tinslecat says:

    Yup! You’ve obviously been looking on the dirty bobbers forum then!
    Been a great help on there with getting it this far!

  6. Big wheels are good, and I love the distressed look of your seat.

  7. The Tinslecat says:

    Picking up my new axles and spacers tomorrow!

  8. HAPPY DAN says:

    Nice seat work,bike looks like a monster! COOL!!

  9. Lot of work to be done, but looks cool already!

  10. Uncle Bear says:

    It’s gonna be a “Freaken Monster”!

  11. McLeod says:

    Wow, I LOVE the matched look. And I really like the fat tires. You said they were 19″ each? How WIDE are they?! Or is that ALL tire?

    How did you get them laced to the stock hubs (since the rear was probably an 18″)? Buccanan, or somewhere else?

  12. McLeod says:

    Okay, I LOVE the look of matched rims front and rear, no matter what the size. And I LOVE your fat tire look, but I got to ask, with that much rubber . . . how much were the tires?