G’day from Tasmania. Been watching this site for a while now and always impressed and fascinated by the imagination and ideas that go into these great little bikes. Thought it was about time to show everyone my take on XS650 building. 240 rear tire mounted on a 6 stud 4X4 steel rim. (CHEAP). A custom fabricated rear hub and counter shaft. 59 Caddy tail light, BMX bear trap pedals as footpegs and kickstarter.


Harley Shovel hand controls and sporty forward controls. 2 into 1 into 2 exhaust. Every thing was fabricated and machined by me in my workshop and it is very satisfying to get the finished result.


Even more fun to ride and talk about. She’s definitely not quick or agile but it rates 11 out of 10 for fun factor. Keep these great old bikes on the road and build with passion!



Dennis Theinert