Its not Ed’s Fault “Lil Dusty”


It has not turned out quite the way I had envisioned it as the guy that was to build it for me, well lets just say he couldn’t follow a design… But I won’t mention “Ed’s” name because its not “Ed’s ” fault according to “Ed”! It was started about 8yrs ago as a paint & molding job for a finished (not painted or molded) bike as per my design. After I had my way with the frame and saws all it sat, and waited for “Ed”. I was done with his bike except for the paint (his frame needed major surgery and lots of custom molding) If I knew then…. It collected dust until last spring when I started workin on it as time would allow ( I know nothing about the mechanic’s of a bike but I do know a little about design & engineering. For the most part I have built this myself.

What have I done,… I cut the back end off, installed a nitrogen filled uni- shock from a big dirt bike (?), moved everthing.In total I have probably left about 50lbs on the floor Fabricated the bat box and hid it and a bunch of electrical stuff under the seat. Made air intake extentions with a turn for the filtres as they wouldn’t fit with the uni-shock (is that going to be to much airin the middle and am in the middle of fabricating the gas tank which you can see.


As you can also see the forward controls and supports need help (not my doing) and this is where I need some help! Can anyone suggest a cleaner or better method than this for building the supports, and also point out any problems I may have with the proximity of the gas tank to the top of the engine in regards to heat? I’ll post more pic’s as it moves along.



  1. Originally this bike was not going to have a down tube but I felt the way the neck had been reinforced would not hold up so that will have to happen on the next build!

  2. bruce reed says:

    Looks like you have alot of work/ rework to do. Remember thats part of the fun but also remember you will be hauling down the road at 3/4 of a hundred miles per hour on this frame…. check recheck……. and then have somebody else check it too. All there’s left to do is remove all the parts you feel are ugly or unsafe and replace them with functioning and better looking ones. Have fun. Dont give up.

  3. I’ll finish the tank today if i don’t get interupted and will fab up something to replace those awful F-in forward controls (the gear side broke off and dragged on the road the first time I rode it out of the yard lol) I spot welded a down tube on when I got back as well, the stucturing “Ed ” had done just wasn’t going to cut it unless I wanted to be a grease spot

  4. fanoboss says:

    Keep pushing dude, I see a very special bike happening there. Wish I could help in your dilemma. Something will pop up.

  5. Grease Nipples says:

    There’s too many great bikes to emulate to be stuck with a bummer you don’t like. I’d get another welder and do it agina.

  6. I put to much into this to just bail so I’m gonna finish this one up and then hack up the other frame I have and weld it up myself. But I’ll put a springer front end on it and leave the down tube out as originally planed…. This one will turn out just “”FAB””

  7. Dennis says:

    Fab, did you ever finish this bike up?

  8. fabbastard says:

    Well to be honest I never got the tank finished until about 2 months ago. Its been lotsa hammering and pounding. But…..the tail lights housing is done as is the fender and seat pan. I’ve been working on the forward controls design as I want the bike to be different and ergonomic at the same time. I could have been finished ages ago if I’d used kevlar & or glass but I wanted it in steel. I suppose I’d better post another pic or two eh!

  9. Dennis says:

    well, I remember seeing this a while back and thinking that it had some very interesting lines. curious about the uni-shock, too, along with the tank and other features. I’ve had some time here at work, so just poking around the site (following norm – LOL). Thanks for the reply, I’m sure I’m not the only one interested in your progress.

  10. norm younger says:

    cool looking frame

  11. fanoboss says:

    WTG FABBY : )>

  12. Dennis says:

    Fab, where do these up dates get posted?