It is a 1971 Yamaha XS 650. This bike was completely dismantled & every single part was scrutinized for wear. Those parts which showed excessive wear were replaced. All parts on the bike are either hand fabricated one-of-a-kind pieces, new after market parts or re-built original pieces.

Modifications were performed & then everything was bead blasted.
Then black powder coating was applied at American Powder Coating in Auburn.
A 1978 replacement engine was used that had only 3.5K on the clock & runs very strong.

The Mikuni BS38 carbs have been completely re-built with new jets for proper flow.
A custom made Wise Guy free flowing exhaust system has been added as well.
With these upgrades an increase in horse power has been achieved.
High heat epoxy coating has been applied to the engine.
Polished & modified engine cases.

This bike sounds SWEET with a nice THROATY growl.

Parts & upgrades include:

• A PAMCO electronic ignition system…no points…no problems.
• A super high output coil with silicone wires.
• New steering bearings.
• New swing arm bushings.
• Custom made instrument housings.
• Late model 36mm forks & triple trees were hand polished & used.
• A late model type swing arm has been used.
• Black Chrome Handle bars.
• Polished engine cases.
• Polished triple trees.
• Polished tappet covers.
• Polished disc brake caliper & mount.
• High pressure Brake reservoir w/braided stainless steel lines.
• A very rare 1970 Italian Harley SX-250 tank was used.
• The late model 16”Rear & 19”Front rims have been powder coated matte black.
• All black powder coated Progressive shocks.
• High pressure Brake reservoir w/braided stainless steel lines.
• Custom made “surfer foot” brake pedal assembly.
• Custom made aluminum side covers.
• High intensity head light.
• Custom made 1920’s style Ford tail light assembly.
• Custom made side covers.
• Black leather Bates style seat.
• New Tires.
• New gaskets.
• New cables.
• New fluids.
• New shoes & pads.
• This bike has both kick & electric start.
If you have questions or would like to come check out the bike

feel free to give me a call

(425) 823-4374


  1. fanoboss says:

    How long did it take?

  2. hooversama says:

    i just don’t get it.

    All that work….for that?

  3. cooter says:

    You gotta change that seat man, does not fit with the bike! And all that work and it just looks like a stocker,,,,,,not a rocker!! Hardtail that sum bitch!!!

  4. fanoboss says:

    Great job !! If you learned ur bike that is awesome.

  5. Puker says:

    You sure its a 71? Those wheels look more like 81 special.

  6. Tech7 says:

    Yeah, what they said…and why does your taillight point at he sky?…. I still don’t get a sprung seat on a bike with rear suspension. What’s a high pressure brake reservoir?

  7. Roger says:

    Well I can plainly see that we have quite the diversity of opinions here.
    I’ll try to address these in a civil manner…something I think some of these folks fail to grasp the concept of.

    To the first fella…The bike took roughly a month to build.

    All that work for what? well for a bike that is completely original and not just another cookie cutter creation.

    No I do not have to change the seat…man. I realize there are many folks who like hard tailed bikes. I do not happen to be one of them.

    This gentleman clearly has his head inserted in an area where the sun does not shine.

    Actually the bike is a ’71…many of the parts on it however are from different years. The forks are off of a ’78 as is the front wheel. the rear tire is from a ’83 Heritage Special.

    The tail light is angled enough for it to be seen and legal. The springs on the seat were only added to allow enough room for the electric box that resides beneath it. A high pressure brake resivour looks very similar to the one on the handle bars.

    You’re right I did have it posted on CL for a short while and no I did not want 3 grand for the bike. My asking price was $3,500.00 and that’s exactly what I got for it I might add. the new owner is quite pleased with his purchase as well.
    And I shall refrain from commenting in regards to jungle defication however I will agree with you….you are sorry.

    Okay i think that about does it.

  8. fanoboss says:

    Great response ! lmao

  9. fanoboss says:

    Love the front fender BTW, can you tell me about it?

  10. Puker says:

    I think that what everyone’s problem is, is that this is too basic a design to be breaking your shoulder patting yourself on the back about. It really does just look like a blacked out stock bike with one or two liberties taken. And the places where the liberties were taken are awkward at best. Chopping the back fender so the tail light is pointing to the sky is awkward. A springer seat on a bike with suspension is awkward. If you had written with some humility… “I had a lot of fun with this. I did what I could and I can’t wait to ride.” …you probably would have received a different response. But you came in here acting like you just dropped a show piece. In fact, there is a reason why your’s is an “original” and why you don’t see many other like it here. Because most people who put together a build like that wouldn’t post it here (at least not without some humility). Because this is… not

  11. Tech7 says:

    Thanks Puker for the calm response. Really what we have is someone who came on very strong and didn’t like the comments he got. The bike looks awkward at best, with not a lot of originality and definetly without humility. Powdercoating and glomming on different parts does not a custom make. If it were represented without such granduer, I would have suggested it would have looked better with a street tracker seat and tailpiece. But you did not seem to ask for opinions, just accolades. I’m sorry you’re not happy with the responses you got, but you set yourself up for it. Attitude is everything. BTW, a reservoir has no reason to be highly pressurized unless you’re planning on going into space with it. And “carefully scrutinizing” every piece doesn’t mean dropping in a 30 year old used motor. Feel free to call me a dick.

  12. Matt says:

    tech 7 is right buddy. i found this website a while back and can only hope to one day build a 650 myself and be apart of this awesome website. everyone on here has put a lot of work into their bikes, and usually continue to from what i’ve read. putting your bike on here and acting like its the unveiling of the new, greatest bike to ever be seen by man is just arrogant. the way you worded the article is self explanatory. you can read about a lot of other guys that built bikes just as great, if not better, with deadlines and won competitions with minutes to spare getting the bike in place. so needless to say no one is overwhelmingly impressed with your typical bad ass all black bike. you said “All parts on the bike are either hand fabricated one-of-a-kind pieces, new after market parts or re-built original pieces.” what other kind of part do you put on a bike like this? everyone else has done this same. one final thing. ditch the springer seat unless your sixty plus and need all that shock absorption for your back. now go put a track seat on this bitch and get yourself a tail piece.

  13. migustigus says:

    Holy hell… Ok I saw this post when it first came up. Bit my tongue when I read the description. Thought to myself, well mybe a newbe and maybe he’ll learn something. Puker hit the nail on the head. Best advice here would be listen to him. Stop pating yourself on the back, shut up and listen to those who obviously know a hell of a lot more than yourself.

    Your listed responce to every person who is on this site (and therefore has an interest in the XS and therefore as far as I am concerned, is and expert in their own field) was nothing but arrogant bloody minded ad stupid. Do the world a favour and don’t build anything else.

    Oh an I call Bulls**t on the $3500.

    Just sayin is all.

  14. rj from the ole school says:

    you know,,,,if you just happen to see this bike parked out side your favorite beer store you might say to yourself,,,, “YOURSELF,,,,,thats all fat and black,,,,just the way you like um” ,,,,,or,,,,you might say ,,,,” GOSH,,, A-YUK A-YUK”,,,just like Disney’s GOOFIE,,,,,,,,,,,,,I would say ,,,” that tail lamp reminds me of the fogger nozzle on the mosquito trucks they used to use down on Florida beaches at nite”,,,,either way I would ride it and have lots of fun with it,,,,,All spokes point in a different direction but they’re all connected together at the hub….thats what buildin and ridin’s all about.

  15. fanoboss says:

    yep…I’d ride the crap out of it too.