It’s my Soul Delivery.

It’s an ’81 650 w/ a springer fork, hard tail, brass kick start, and flat tracker bars. No tach, no speedo, no mirrors, and no shame. It’s completely powder coated black with ANY chrome brushed down dull.  


The engine is blacked out and the pipes are taped and turned at the ends w/ a slash cut to scare granny on the sidewalk. Has the upgraded carbs and electronic ignition as well as dual disc brakes, front and rear. It’s my Soul Delivery.


It has a real solid feeling with all the sensation a hardtail can give. The positioning of the pegs forward with the flat tracker bars is really balanced and very comfortable considering I’m 6’4”. And after I’m done riding and I get off of it, I feel like I’ve been somewhere.


It feels authentic in every way right from when I kick start it to when I kill it at the end of the ride. It’s been the only thing that’s allowed me to keep my sanity this year.


Rich Ford and Josh Scott @ G&L choppers built it to be clean and that’s what everyone that see’s it says. When I go to bike night @ The Vortex here in Atlanta in Little Five Points, it’s the only bike that EVERYONE stops to take a picture of. Sometimes they take pictures of the other bikes. Ha! Note the side mounted brake/plate light please.


Rich Ford and Josh Scott…beautiful work guys!

Todd Vogt

xs650 mug
xs650 Bandana
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 tanktop