G&L Choppers, 1981 650…Soul Delivery


It’s my Soul Delivery.

It’s an ’81 650 w/ a springer fork, hard tail, brass kick start, and flat tracker bars. No tach, no speedo, no mirrors, and no shame. It’s completely powder coated black with ANY chrome brushed down dull.  


The engine is blacked out and the pipes are taped and turned at the ends w/ a slash cut to scare granny on the sidewalk. Has the upgraded carbs and electronic ignition as well as dual disc brakes, front and rear. It’s my Soul Delivery.


It has a real solid feeling with all the sensation a hardtail can give. The positioning of the pegs forward with the flat tracker bars is really balanced and very comfortable considering I’m 6’4”. And after I’m done riding and I get off of it, I feel like I’ve been somewhere.


It feels authentic in every way right from when I kick start it to when I kill it at the end of the ride. It’s been the only thing that’s allowed me to keep my sanity this year.


Rich Ford and Josh Scott @ G&L choppers built it to be clean and that’s what everyone that see’s it says. When I go to bike night @ The Vortex here in Atlanta in Little Five Points, it’s the only bike that EVERYONE stops to take a picture of. Sometimes they take pictures of the other bikes. Ha! Note the side mounted brake/plate light please.


Rich Ford and Josh Scott…beautiful work guys!

Todd Vogt


  1. theirie1 says:

    Bike looks good. I can’t wait to get my frame to the guys at G&L. Did you use a clear coat on the finish.

  2. HAPPY DAN says:

    Im diggin the axle adjuster area,Its like the arlen ness digger style,timless and very cool,cool ride.

  3. MIKE says:

    Nice bike.. favorite G&L build.

  4. fanoboss says:

    One of the best on this site.

  5. Grease Nipples says:

    Howard: Once you go black, you’ll never go back.

    Robin: That’s not true…

  6. Grease Nipples says:

    G & L puts out a nice scoot.

  7. Tommy Guns says:

    Lose the forwards and that bike would be killer!!

  8. fanoboss says:

    Keep the forwards LOL

  9. Stylin ride! Looks like u def got your monies worth in that bike, looks comfy too! Is the engine rebuilt stock, or did u do anything special to give it a bit more ooomph?

  10. MCW RACING says:


  11. Don says:

    Def a G and L build, Looks good man!

  12. josh says:

    Todd, glad you dig the bike man! Rich and I have a blast building it and although I am no longer working at G&L (moved out of state) this was one of my favorites out of the 22 bikes I helped Rich build!! Ride it with pride man!

    Josh Scott

  13. Joshua Rasmussen says:

    That is one of the best 650’s I have ever seen. Great job.

  14. Usually don’t like blacked out engines. They remind me of Virago aged ick! But on this bike it’s workin’ for me. Great lines. Those G&L boys make a nice frame fo shoah.

  15. Anybody know what that bar mounted master cylinder, lever and perch are from? Nice size.

  16. DetroitDM says:

    Yet another great build coming out of that shop. Classy bike man, with tons of “SOUL.”
    Was curious about the master cylinder too… and any specs on the front brake? Rotor/piston/caliper…etc? Is the dna springer really that bad?

  17. Todd V. says:

    Thanks all for the compliments. Appreciated. Been slackin’ on answering some of these q’s -stuck on jury duty for days.

    First off -All to Rich and Josh, totally. Enjoying that Woodford bourbon yet guys? Lol
    Second, is Ted (the site) -Thanks for showing it man, best site for these bikes -eveh!

    Q’s: is the engine stock? Yes+Upgraded carbs. The Master/perch/cylinder/etc., I gotta go look, I didn’t spec that part. I knew riding around in Atlanta I had no choice, I needed it. Josh may know, do you recall Josh?

  18. Todd V. says:

    Oh…knew I forgot one thing. Tubes vs Springer: nothing against tubes personally, I’ve ridden both. There’s more to what makes a ride a ride than someone’s subjective claim about either. You’ll have to make up your own mind. For me, when I’m done at the end of ride and I look back at my bike…I want to go again.


  19. Chino says:

    Killer chop.
    What was the cost of the build and how long did it take?

  20. bigpup says:

    Bike looks great, G&L boys know what they are doing. Flat black looks really nice on it. Hows the seat? I have been looking at there website and might pick one up.

  21. Freaking love it, great looking bike!

  22. david valentine says:

    nice looking bike. is their a second break fluid reservoir on the frame?
    and where did you get the pipes from?

  23. roger says:

    nice bobber Ted, could I get your email address, so I could get some more info, I’m thinking about getting a bobber, I live in Atlanta too, thanks Roger.

  24. rusty says:

    Love the bike including the forwards and the dna. I personally dont get some peoples obcession with mid controls on these bikes. They look ok, but you feel like youre riding on a shriners parade bike. this bike is cool and I think you hit a home run with the overall design. I know its fashionable to bash dna springers at the present, but I have 4 bikes and I know what you mean about the way it rides. This is my 2nd one and I love lt for that bike. I know there are better ones, but they are still a bargain. Nice build.

  25. Flying Imp says:

    Hey man real nice sled, I love it. Is the neck raked? If so what is the rake? Also, is it hard to adapt the harley rear wheel for the 650 sprocket and what not?

  26. The Flying Imp says:

    good stance

  27. josh says:

    I dont remember on the master cylinder/perch, nothing special though. This frame is stock rake.

    And I will thank you now for the Bourbon and gift Todd. You don’t know how much we appreciated that! Doesn’t happen very often, if at all!


  28. Ryan Iwasiw says:

    Amazing bike!
    G & L does amazing work!
    Best in the biz bar none!

    Question for Josh Scott

    hey man, I know that you no longer work at G&L choppers
    But i have a bit of a problem that i am hoping that you could help me out with

    Rich is building me a bike, and i am having problem gettin a hold of him
    Do you have any contact info that you could send me (other then the shop phone #/Email)…
    Or could you get in touch with him for me?
    my email:

    thanks in advance for teh help


  29. fanoboss says:

    Just thought I would reiterate, for me, the FINEST EXAMPLE completed.

  30. workingclass says:

    Love the bike, great lines. What rear wheel are you running? I’m looking to upgrade my rear to a disk brake set up and really like the one you are running.

  31. Todd Vogt says:

    Roger in Atlanta, the email is tvogt at copper dot net. Let me know and we’ll get together and you can have a look for yourself if you want.

    Rotors and brakes, everybody’s crazy for them for some reason (?) so I’ll take a look and report back.

    p.s. I don’t care if it’s 40 degrees outside here in Atl, I ride.

  32. johnwayne says:

    JUST WANTED TO SAY WOT A NICE BIKE MATE, ALOT OF PEOPLE HERE IN AUSTRALIA DIG,, speacialy in our XS650 CLUB, we also want to no wot riseres and where can we get risers and handle bars like these we run dna springers?
    can u email on.. wdclarkson@hotmail.com

  33. Ted says:

    @ Todd V. it definitely is a well-designed and proportioned bike. I really dig the back rim and tire choice. I also love that you ran the exhaust along the bottom rail of the frame. G&L builds some great rides. Thanks for taking the great pictures and send them in.

  34. uknowme2goog says:

    were did u get the lens for the side mounted brake lamp from..i need to replace mine

  35. Todd V. says:

    Let’s see, risers are DNA’s I believe. The rear lens (whole assembly) comes from Low Brow Customs. I think Bling Cycles is the fabricator? The bars, ah, that’s an unknown for me. I spec’d for flat tracker bars and Rich Ford the wizard man pulled it together. 21″ HD rim on the front. 16.5″ HD rim on the back, 40 spoke count. Rich cuts his own rear sprocket. It has DNA brakes on front & rear. And no, the neck is not raked but the rear has G&L’s 4″ stretch. No clear coat since it’s all powder coated semi matte Midnight Black. Rich talked me off of a dull black grey paint job. Amen to Rich. Pin stripping was Josh’s handy work. The seat, yes, it fits the look; scale, proportion. I was already used to a hard seat so I love it and the springs do the job.

    Busting on DNA’s? That’s like arguing over McD’s or Bk’s hamburgers, ridiculous.

  36. josh says:

    I can’t take credit for the pinstriping! That is all STEVE HAVENS, he does all of G&L’s striping!!! Wish I did it, looks killer man!


  37. Todd V. says:

    All on Steve Havens then. Love the pin. I was not really expecting it but it was spot on in every way.

  38. visimpact says:

    Just a great, well put together package. Everything flows perfectly. The color choices and finishes and details. Great job.

  39. Drew Rollins says:

    Nice ride . G&L makes top notch stuff . Laid out real clean .

  40. Kaveeks says:

    Such a sweet ride man. I’m picking up my G&L next week!!

  41. fanoboss says:

    WAY TO GO Kaveeks !!! Hope to see it here soon. Where can I get some pipes like those Josh Scott?

  42. Don Miller says:

    BEWARE of G&L Choppers!
    They’ve had my bike & $4,000 for well over 3 YEARS and still refuse to answer my calls!
    I’m not the only one. Check out the XS650 Forums, Chop Cult, Chopper Underground, SOHC, Bobber Talk or the Garage Journal and judge for yourself.