Getting Closer


Update:  Getting closer !!!  Changed rear wheel to 16″,  the 18″ just looked to big to me for the bike. Should be wiring and test riding in a month or so then the tear down for paint, maybe powder coating ??




Tony Hines


  1. Joel Mekolites says:

    Great looking bike! you should be proud!

  2. Migustigus says:

    Wow.. This sits perfectly… Nice job!

  3. Tony says:

    Thanks Guys !!!

  4. fanoboss says:

    Very sweet bike, the quality is awesome. Love the rear tire and front tire looks right to me too.

  5. Drew Rollins says:

    Nice bike Ted ! Well thought out .

  6. Ralph H says:

    Tony love the bike its exactly what i want to build… i picked up a 79 last week. i would love to ask you some questions about the bike. can you email me back. THANKS IN ADVANCE!

  7. Tony says:

    I not sure how to email you Ralph H. How do you do that ?

  8. Ralph H says:

    i can be reach at Thanks Tony…

  9. James Gander says:

    Tony cool bike i would like to ask you the size the rear tire is THANKS JD

  10. Tony says:

    Thanks James. It a 180 on the rear