Eric S. Lindholm Jr. Old School Twist


Well…it all started off with a 1985 Isuzu trooper, as a trade for a old beat up junky 1979 xs 650 “chopper”. I say “chopper” because all they did was weld a couple of pipes from the backbone to the swing arm. I started off wanting to build a frisco style bike but it seems that everyone has one of those. First thing was first, disasemble and break out the torch! The first thing I changed was the hardtail section.


I ordered one from koolcraft for under 200 bucks. then I found a set of early denvers choppers forks at a swap meet plus a basket of other stuff for around 400 bucks, and started doin it to it. Looking at the sheer length of the forks I knew I had to rake the backbone up about 6″and lengthen around 9″.After that I bent up some more tube and did a two to one down tube with an artch for that new school/old school twist.


Due to space issues for the air filters I had to fab. up a intake to fill the void under the tank. I found a 50’s cadilac tire band from the continental kit, cut it down for the rear fender and still have enough scrap for a bobber fender.


The hard tail section was a drop seat set up, but I didn’t think a solo seat would go with the style I wanted so I built a seat frame, skinned it with heavy sheet metal, and put all my electronics and switches up under the seat. Total cost of build 3000 Including the 1000 from the trooper and all the goodies from mikes xs…..pamco kicks ass!



  1. tadd442 says:

    WOW That bitch is LOOOOOOOW! Well done overall, especially the intake!

  2. MIKE says:

    I want to see a video of that thing running, how does it with those longggg runners.

  3. BIG JOHN says:

    cool intake setup

  4. Forward facing carb setup, very nice. Dig the two-one down tube too. Gotta love those skinny Denvers.

  5. Love the overhead carb set up, very creative! I too would really like to see and hear it moving

  6. fanoboss says:

    This is one of my favorite drop seats, pretty innovative stuff. Congrats on the build. Several design aspects that go above and beyond the normal builder stuff. I think we have a new style with this bike.

  7. jesus says:

    too cool.

  8. Geezerman says:

    Sweet n’ low !!!!
    Nice intake setup.

  9. Tech7 says:

    I really want to know how that carb setup works. Very cool looking, but does it work?

  10. The Flying Imp says:

    This reminds me of a bike I saw in ”The Horse” magazine. They had this xs drag bike realy cool lookin beast but they had turned the jugs so the exhaust was going out back and the carbs sat out front. If you get a chance or if anyone reads this mag its called ”the geezer pleaser”. Anyways man that bike is ill, but I have to agree with the front wheel suggestion it needs to be bigger or something. Oh ya what kind of exhaust is that and where did you get it? Rad ride dude, keep it up.

  11. manofsteel30.06 says:

    Eric this is Jim and that thing is sick!

  12. norm younger says:

    I love the intakes and carb placement